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SchmoozeDance 2008
Friday, January 18, 2008, Temple Har Shalom
1922 Prospector Avenue, Prospector Square
Park City, Utah


SchmoozeDance Film Festival 2008

SchmoozeDance 2008 will be held in Park City Utah, January 18, 2008. The festival showcases new independent American and international Jewish-subject cinema. We are committed to giving exposure to new, established, and student filmmakers (who weren't selected for other Park City festivals) during the week when many distributors and producers visit Park City for other festivals and events. Industry professionals and other visitors are invited to attend Schmoozedance.


In the past, the Festival's audience has included Park City and Utah residents, members of the clergy, members of Temple Har Shalom, skiers, film distributors, filmmakers, reporters, and other industry professionals in Park City for the prestigious Sundance and Slamdance festivals. The increasing scope of the Festival increases the diversity of the audience each year.


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will co-sponsor and screen Jewish films and films of Jewish interest as part of SchmoozeDance 2008, on Friday, January 18, 2007, beginning at 6:30 PM. Please join us. Free admission and all are welcome.

SchmoozeDance 2008 is held during the same first weekend as the Sundance, Slamdance, and other "dance" Film Festivals. It is NOT affiliated, nor is it competition with these festivals. We wish these festivals well, may they grow from strength to greater strength and prosper. Please support their sponsors.

FRIDAY, EREV SHABBAT, January 18, 2008
At Temple Har Shalom
[map of temple har shalom] 1922 Prospector Avenue, Prospector Square, Park City UTAH
Between Bonanza Dr and Poison Creek Lane, 1 block behind the Marriott, 1 block from the Grub Steak (see map on the right)
Temple Har Shalom is located in the back of Parking Lot "E"

6:30 PM: Oneg Shabbat, Jewish Worship Service
Shevat, Parshat Beshalach (The Hebrews leave Egypt, Pharaoh gives chase, Hebrews cross into the Sinai)
Followed by a Kiddush of food and beverages
Followed by the following films (as scheduled):

Gail Reimer, Executive Producer
Rachel Talbot, Director
Phil Shane, Emmy Award winning editor
Joel Goodman, Music Composer
85 minutes, USA, 2007
Source of Print: Jwa.Org

[makingtrouble] Making Trouble is a new documentary about legendary funny Jewish women who broke barriers and shook the social order to make us laugh. It is wonderful history, it is funny, and it is narrated by a group of contemporary Jewish standup comediennes at Katz' New York Deli.

Making Trouble profiles six Jewish women who struggled and sacrificed for their fame, and who turned the old "death is easy, comedy is hard" joke completely on its head. Molly Picon, Fanny Brice, Sophie Tucker, Joan Rivers, Gilda Radner, and Wendy Wasserstein proved that comedy is easy, being a Jewish woman in comedy is hard.

Making Trouble includes archival footage and photographs from performances by the featured comedians, giving audiences a glimpse into each of their lives and careers over the last century. Each series of snapshots with accompanying commentary illuminates what it meant at the time to be Jewish, to be female, and to dream of making it on the stage and screen.

The film follows Sophie Tucker as she left behind her one-year-old son to make it as a coon vaudeville singer dripping with her own style of brash sexuality; Fanny Brice, a zany clown-like performer who sang with a farcical Yiddish accent that had audiences roaring, got a nose job in 1923 to ward off anti-Semitic attitudes and boost her possibilities for being cast; Molly Picon, a gender-bender who played the roles of fiddle-playing carefree teenagers well into her forties, performed nine shows weekly to meet the demands of the new immigrant population that adored her; Wendy Wasserstein, whose plays featured strong women struggling for autonomy in a man's world, wrestled with her own issues of being a woman and being Jewish in front of Broadway audiences; Joan Rivers worked the comedy clubs of New York City for years, often as the only woman comedian in the club, and with a frank brashness that few women had the courage to express; Gilda Radner was Jewish and glamorous, and found the funny in the pain, openly revealing herself to viewers under the harsh lights of Saturday Night Live in her classic roles as "Roseanne Roseannadanna" and the nerdy "Lisa Loopner."
View the trailer below:

Making Trouble also brings four of today's leading Jewish women comedians - Judy Gold, Jackie Hoffman, Cory Kahaney, and Jessica Kirson - together at New York's famed Katz's Delicatessen to gab about the pioneers who came before them, their work, and their own comedy. Making Trouble also features interviews with Wendy Wasserstein, Joan Rivers, Martin Short, author Gary Giddins, Los Angeles Times movie critic Kenneth Turan, and many others passionate about the work and achievements of these pioneering women of comedy.

Director Rachel Talbot produced (with Ken Bowser) Hollywood, DC (Bravo, 2000), about the relationship between Hollywood and politics, which aired the night before the 2000 presidential election; and Easy Riders, Raging Bulls (BBC/Trio, 2003). Talbot was the supervising producer on NBC's The First Five Years of Saturday Night Live (2005), and Saturday Night Live in the 1980s (NBC, 2005). Making Trouble marks her directing debut.

NOTE: We are pleased to welcome any filmmakers, actors, and distributors who wish to drop by and discuss their films

Followed by some sneak previews and shorts: TBA


In addition to inviting directors,
producers and actors from other Jewish themed,
Jewish created, or Israeli films and projects,
The following films will appear at Sundance and we recommend that you make an effort to see them:

Canada, 2007, 98 mins, Color
Director(s): Steven Schachter
Screenwriter(s): William H. Macy, Steven Schachter
Producers: Irene Litinsky, Michael Prupas, Keri Nakamoto
Cinematographer: Paul Sarossy
Editor: Matt Friedman
Primary Cast: William H. Macy, Meg Ryan, LL Cool J
[] What does it look like when a Hollywood movie producer suddenly has nothing to lose? Meet Charlie Berns, a guy whose suicidal tendencies give him the chutzpah to con a major studio into a $100 million deal on a script he hasn't even read.
At the very moment when his idealistic screenwriter nephew knocks on the door, toting a solemn art-house period script about Benjamin Disraeli, Charlie has literally had it with life. But the trade papers have announced that a recently converted black action star is actively seeking Jewish material, so the serendipity is too absurd to resist. Charlie masterminds a plan, making it impossible for the studio not to green-light this project, which, while Jewish, couldn't be further from an action flick. No matter. In Hollywood, perception is everything. Along the way, Charlie meets his match in Deidre Hearn, a sharp-witted development executive who sees right through his games but also recognizes that maybe his caution-to-the-wind philosophy has serious merit.
The mischievous charm in this smart screwball satire about renegade producers bamboozling a soul-crushing industry hinges on the wonderfully crackly Tracy-Hepburn chemistry between William Macy and Meg Ryan. Steven Schachter's tongue-in-cheek romp revels in sending up Hollywood stereotypes-zealous star, histrionic director, slippery suits-but also Ryan's legacy as romantic comedy's "it" girl, and even the notion that it's possible to make a meaningful movie.
Tue. January 22, 9:30pm, Eccles Theatre, Park City
Wed. January 23, 8:30am, Prospector Square Theatre, Park City
Sun. January 27, 3:30pm, Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, SLC

Anvil! The True Story of Anvil
Director(s): Sacha Gervasi
Producer: Rebecca Yeldham
U.S.A., 2007, 90 mins, Color
The story of a Jewish rocker?
At 14, Toronto school friends Steve "Lips" Kudlow and Robb Reiner made a pact to rock together forever. Their band, Anvil, went on to become the "demigods of Canadian metal," releasing one of the heaviest albums in metal history, 1982's Metal on Metal. The album influenced a musical generation, including Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax, and went on to sell millions of records. But Anvil's career took a different path-straight to obscurity.
Director Sacha Gervasi has concocted a wonderful and often hilarious account of Anvil's last-ditch quest for elusive fame and fortune. His ingenious filmmaking may first lead you to think this a mockumentary, but it isn't. Gervasi joined the legendary heavy-metal band as a roadie for a tour of Canadian hockey arenas, so he has intimate insight into the members' eccentricities. It's fascinating to see the reality of their day-to-day lives as they struggle to make ends meet, take a misguided European tour, and engage in antics on the road-which is not always lined with fans. Gervasi even finds a softer center to this raucous film, introducing us to band members' ever-supportive, but long-suffering, families. At its core, Anvil! The True Story of Anvil is a timeless tale of survival and the unadulterated passion it takes to follow your dream, year after year. Anvil rocks-it has no other choice.
Fri. January 18, 5:30pm, Library Center Theatre, Park City
Sat. January 19, 9:00pm, Tower Theatre, SLC
Sun. January 20, Noon, Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Sat. January 26, Midnight, Egyptian Theatre, Park City

Death in Love
U.S.A., 2007, 100 mins, Color
Director(s): Boaz Yakin
Screenwriter(s): Boaz Yakin
Producers: Boaz Yakin, Joseph N. Zolfo
Coproducer: Alma Har'el
Cinematographer: Frederik Jacobi
Editor: John Lyons
Production Designer: Dara Wishingrad
Costume Designer: Sue Gandy
Cast: Josh Lucas, Jacqueline Bisset, Lukas Haas, Adam Brody
[] What burdens do the survivors of those who survived carry? A young woman in a Nazi concentration camp saves her life by seducing the young doctor who performs medical experiments on prisoners. Cut to decades later, when that same woman (played by Jacqueline Bisset) is living in New York City and married with two grown sons.
The two siblings have developed differently under a mother with a long history of erratic behavior. The younger one can't cope at all, and the older one copes too well. Portrayed by Josh Lucas, he is now 40 years old and hides out in psychosexual escapades and a job at a fraudulent modeling agency scamming the young and hopeful. He is good at them both--too good. So why is he growing increasingly frightened? Is he losing his game? His sexual prowess and intellectual diatribes no longer make him feel better. He will have to change to survive.
Boaz Yakin returns to Sundance with a wonderfully insightful, yet personal, film about family, guilt, ambition, lust, and the impossible task of trying to live without them. The detailed performances of the talented cast capture the subtleties of characters maneuvering through a minefield of family relationships. Death in Love reminds us that no matter how much we wish it weren't so, our actions reverberate and affect others in monumental ways, especially those who love us.
Tue. January 22, 6:15pm, Eccles Theatre, Park City
Wed. January 23, 11:30am, Library Center Theatre, Park City
Fri. January 25, 9:00pm, Screening Room, Sundance Resort
Sat. January 26, 4:30pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas VI, SLC

Mysteries of Pittsburgh
U.S.A., 2007, 95 mins, Color
Director(s): Rawson Marshall Thurber
Cast: Jon Foster, Peter Sarsgaard, Sienna Miller, Mena Suvari, Nick Nolte
Screenwriter(s): Rawson Marshall Thurber, based on the novel by Michael Chabon
Producers: Michael London, Jason Mercer, Thor Benander, Rawson Marshall Thurber
[] Based on Michael Chabon's influential novel, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh seductively captures that moment when getting derailed from complacency opens your mind to the endless possibilities life has to offer.
Set in Pittsburgh in the early 1980s, the story chronicles the last true summer of Art Bechstein's youth. Stuck in a dead-end job working for his eccentric sometime-girlfriend, and forced into an endless series of airless dinners with his mobster father, Art begins to believe that perhaps he doesn't even exist at all.
What begins as a mundane summer is quickly interrupted when he encounters a beautiful debutante and her lusty boyfriend. Together they reveal a side of Art-and Pittsburgh-that he has never known. As the summer boils on and their adventures darken, Art decides to risk everything to preserve his newfound paradise: he thrusts himself headlong into the blurring boundaries of family, friendship, and love.
Writer/director Rawson Marshall Thurber and his immensely gifted cast bring Chabon's pages to life with passion, humor, and pathos, wholly capturing the joys and pains that come with encountering people who change your life forever. This movie, a stunning study of human interaction and liberation, is for anyone who has ever been rocked-for a moment or for a lifetime-by someone truly extraordinary.
Sun. January 20, 5:30pm, Racquet Club, Park City
Mon. January 21, 8:30am, Racquet Club, Park City
Tue. January 22, 9:00pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas IV, SLC
Wed. January 23, 11:30am, Racquet Club, Park City
Thu. January 24, 3:15pm, Eccles Theatre, Park City

World Dramatic
Israel, 2007, 85 mins, Color
Director(s): Erez Tadmor, Guy Nattiv
Producers: Chilik Michaeli, Tami Leon, Avraham Pirchi
Cinematographer: Ram Shweky
Music: Eyel Leon Katzav
[] If you've ever been swept up in a love affair that leaves you dizzy (or wanted to be), you will find yourself viscerally entwined with Strangers, Erez Tadmor and Guy Nattiv's riveting story of impossible love--based on their 2004 award-winning Festival short.
An Israeli kibbutznik, Eyal, and a Palestinian living in Paris, Rana, both descending on Berlin for the World Cup finals, meet accidentally when their identical backpacks get switched on the subway. This chance encounter turns into three days of magnetic attraction as they fall in love amidst crowds of roaring soccer fans. But as Rana jets suddenly and inexplicably back to Paris, the second Israel-Lebanon war breaks out, and a conflicted Eyal decides to search for Rana in spite of it all. Once in Paris, harsh realities of displacement, opposing opinions on the war, allegiances, and responsibilities test their bond. Yet it is on Europe's neutral ground that Rana and Eyal are somehow able to transcend deep wounds of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and relate as individuals. Their inextricably linked history and common homeland, certainly a source of discord, also seem to generate an intrinsic intimacy between them.
Shot largely hand held and fueled by powerfully immediate, improvisational performances against the backdrop of real events in summer 2006, Strangers reflects the urgency and freshness of a younger generation seeking to reconnect with and humanize the "enemy" in their midst.
Sat. January 19, 9:00pm, Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Sun. January 20, 11:45pm, Holiday Village Cinema III, Park City
Mon. January 21, Noon, Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Wed. January 23, 3:00pm, Screening Room, Sundance Resort
Fri. January 25, Midnight, Broadway Centre Cinemas IV, SLC

Under the Bombs
World Dramatic
Lebanon, 2007, 98 mins, Color
Director(s): Philippe Aractingi
Screenwriter(s): Philippe Aractingi, Michel Léviant
Producers: Hervé Chabalier, Francois Cohen-Séat, Paul Raphael, Philippe Aractingi
[] In the summer of 2006, Lebanon was relentlessly bombed for 34 days in a row. Bold and riveting, Under the Bombs is Philippe Aractingi's captivating account of what happens next. Amidst the smoke and turmoil, the beautiful, wealthy Zeina returns from abroad in a frivolously bright blue dress that starkly contrasts with the dark reality she faces. Desperate for a cab, she meets Tony, an oddly endearing driver who, because of her beautiful eyes, risks the perilous drive to the heavily affected southern region to search for her missing sister and son.
Against a scarred terrain of sun-drenched ruins, bombed-out roads, and lush lands peppered with live cluster shells, Zeina frantically grasps at strands of information to uncover her family's whereabouts. Meanwhile, an unlikely intimacy takes root between Zeina and Tony that eludes romantic clichés to become another kind of love: the recognition of a shared humanity that renders differences of class, religion, and politics irrelevant.
Shot 10 days into the actual bombings with many nonactors, Aractingi's sophisticated film hovers willfully between narrative and documentary, lending rare authenticity and access to an emotionally powerful, fast-paced, and haunting story. Nuanced, complex characters illuminate the personal trauma of war, effectively leaving behind the reactionary politics of either warring side, Hezbollah or the Israeli military. Instead, we are offered the possibility of salvaged hope, new beginnings, and ultimately, peace--from under the bombs.
Fri. January 18, 9:00pm, Tower Theatre, SLC
Mon. January 21, 6:00pm, Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Tue. January 22, 9:00am, Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Thu. January 24, 1:00pm, Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City

U.S.A., 2007, 110 mins, Color
Director(s): Jonathan Levine
Screenwriter(s): Jonathan Levine
Producers: Joe Neurauter, Keith Calder, Felipe Marino
Cinematographer: Petra Korner
Editor: Josh Noyes
Composer: David Torn
Cast: Josh Peck, Ben Kingsley, Famke Janssen, Olivia Thirlby, Mary Kate Olsen, Method Man
[] In the sweltering summer of 1994, Giuliani is scouring New York City within an inch of its life, hip-hop is permeating white youth culture, and a pot-dealing loser kid, Luke Shapiro, is trying to figure out how to solve his parents' insolvency, beat depression, and get laid before pushing off to college. Luckily he's got a nifty deal with a psychiatrist, Dr. Squires, who trades him therapy sessions for weed. It happens that the oddball doctor's marriage is crumbling, so the two-one in late adolescence, the other in late middle-age-embark on messy passages into new life stages. As Luke falls for a classmate who just happens to be Squires's daughter, the summer heats up, and he follows doctor's orders, learning to coexist with pain and make it part of him, rather than let it become his downfall.
The Wackness plays like the luscious rush of first love, discovering great new music, meeting amazing personalities who impart the meaning of life, and realizing what you're made of. Perfectly capturing the textures of 1990s Manhattan and the zeitgeist of worldly, yet emotionally unformed, private-school students forced to parent their parents, director Jonathan Levine conveys a whimsy, too-buoyed by the dazzlingly funny Ben Kingsley and unexpected stylistic flourishes-that gives the film's insights and idiosyncrasies big, glorious, flapping wings.
Fri. January 18, 5:30pm, Racquet Club, Park City
Sun. January 20, 9:15am, Eccles Theatre, Park City
Wed. January 23, 2:30pm, Racquet Club, Park City
Thu. January 24, 8:30am, Library Center Theatre, Park City
Fri. January 25, 6:30pm, Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, SLC

World Dramatic
Germany, 2008, 101 mins, Color
Director(s): Dennis Gansel
Screenwriter(s): Dennis Gansel, Peter Thorwarth, based on Todd Strasser's novel
Producers: Christian Becker, Nina Maag
Coproducers: Anita Schneider, Martin Moszkowicz, Franz Kraus, David Groenewold
Cinematographer: Torsten Breuer
Editor: Ueli Christen
Production Designer: Knut Loewe
Music: Heiko Maile
[] When Rainer Wegner, a popular high school teacher, finds himself relegated to teaching autocracy as part of the school's project week, he's less than enthusiastic. So are his students, who greet the prospect of studying fascism yet again with apathetic grumbling: "The Nazis sucked. We get it." Struck by the teenagers' complacency and unwitting arrogance, Rainer devises an unorthodox experiment. But his hastily conceived lesson in social orders and the power of unity soon grows a life of its own.
In probing the underpinnings of fascism, The Wave is far from a social-studies lesson. As with his previous film, Before the Fall, director Dennis Gansel fashions an energetic, gripping drama that cuts through superficial ideological interrogatives and goes straight for the veins--the human psychologies and individual behaviors that contribute to collective movements. In unpeeling the emotional layers and contradictions of his characters (the need to belong, to be empowered, to escape social distinctions), Gansel offers a humanistic perspective on the terrifying irony that these students may welcome the very things they denounce.
And lest we too easily dismiss this cautionary tale, it's noteworthy that the true story that prompted Todd Strasser's novel The Wave (from which the film was adapted) did not take place in Germany, but at a high school in Palo Alto.
Fri. January 18, 3:00pm, Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Sat. January 19, 9:00am, Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Sun. January 20, 9:30pm, Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City
Mon. January 21, 9:45pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas V, SLC
Wed. January 23, 8:30pm, Prospector Square Theatre, Park City

Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired
U.S.A., 2007, 75 mins, Color
Director(s): Marina Zenovich
Screenwriter(s): Marina Zenovich, Joe Bini, P.G. Morgan
Executive Producers: Steven Soderbergh, Randy Wooten
Producers: Jeffrey Levy-Hinte, Lila Yacoub
Cinematographer: Tanja Koop
Editor: Joe Bini
[] Roman Polanski is certainly admired and respected as one of the world's great film directors. But his reputation has been forever tarnished by his public conviction for having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor some 30 years ago and his subsequent flight from the United States to avoid going to jail. At least that's what everyone thinks. In her riveting reopening of this controversial and, as it turns out, very complex case, filmmaker Marina Zenovich fashions a perceptive and intelligent exploration of what really happened those many years ago and casts a very different light on Polanski's decision as well as the workings of the legal system.
Revisiting all of the key players--the lawyers, the victim, and the media--and focusing on the conduct of the judge whose handling of the case was definitely unusual, as well as unearthing telling footage from the past and incorporating insightful interviews from the present, Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired develops a case for a clear miscarriage of justice. But far from being an apologia for Polanski, the film is simply trying to bring comprehension and clarity to events long clouded by myths and presumptions. Sure to raise questions and perhaps resolve the limbo that still envelops Polanski, this documentary is one that you won't want to miss
Fri. January 18, 6:15pm, Holiday Village Cinema III, Park City
Sat. January 19, 3:00pm, Screening Room, Sundance Resort
Sat. January 19, Midnight, Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City
Sun. January 20, 3:45pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas V, SLC
Wed. January 23, 11:30am, Prospector Square Theatre, Park City
Fri. January 25, 3:15pm, Holiday Village Cinema III, Park City

What Just Happened?
U.S.A., 2007, 107 mins, Color
Director(s): Barry Levinson
Screenwriter(s): Art Linson
Executive Producers: Art Linson, Jane Rosenthal, Robert DeNiro
Every profession has its share of outlandish behavior, and filmmaking is fabled as an industry where behind-the-scenes stories are often more fascinating than the productions. But as the setting for a tale about power, decision making, and life at the top, maybe Hollywood isn't any more extreme or bizarre than the worlds of Wall Street, publishing, or even the military. Which is not to say that the rocky road for a Hollywood producer is ever mundane or dull.
The vision that Academy Award-winning director Barry Levinson's sometimes-mordant, often-penetrating, and fiercely comic chronicle brings to the screen is as human and universal as any insider's tale, a story about a man at the top of his game who has to deal with prima donnas, crazy artists, shameless egotists, and difficult marriages. This adaptation of Art Linson's account of his day-to-day existence as a studio producer resonates with truth, insight, and the absurdity that often fills our lives. Because it's personal and detailed and virtuously enacted by Robert DeNiro and a spectacular supporting cast, it's even touching. Not only in Hollywood is maintaining your dignity so difficult; life is a humbling experience for all of us.
Sat. January 19, 6:15pm, Eccles Theatre, Park City
Sun. January 20, 8:30am, Prospector Square Theatre, Park City
Mon. January 21, 9:30pm, Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, SLC
Wed. January 23, 6:30pm, Peery's Egyptian Theater, Ogden
Sat. January 26, 6:00pm, Screening Room, Sundance Resort

Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?
France, 2007, 93 mins, Color
Director(s): Morgan Spurlock
Screenwriter(s): Jeremy Chilnick, Morgan Spurlock
Producers: Stacey Offman, Morgan Spurlock
Morgan Spurlock, director of the unforgettable Super Size Me (2004 Festival), returns with a surprising follow-up: his search for the most wanted man on earth. And as he did with fast food, he's determined to go the distance.
Amazed by Osama bin Laden's success at evading capture, gung-ho Spurlock sets out to locate the Al Qaeda leader himself in a manhunt that takes him to Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and finally Pakistan (where most fingers point). Bin Laden is always one step ahead, but along the way the documentarian forms a picture of the Middle Eastern populations whose fates are inextricably intertwined with those in the United States. Who are these people? What are the culture and socioeconomic determinants of radical fundamentalism? Who in the Middle East appreciates a good joke?
Determined to get his man and some answers, Spurlock leaves no stone unturned. It's dizzying to witness him ambling amiably into ultra-Orthodox Israeli neighborhoods and a Saudi mosque, where God's wrath is invoked against America, as well as the malls and supermarkets peopled by moderates who are seldom seen on the nightly news: just the kind of temperature reading many Americans would like to take, if they dared. Outrageous graphics, original music, and an appeal for a higher consciousness among global neighbors are the fries and shake alongside this Happy Meal of a documentary.
Mon. January 21, 8:30pm, Library Center Theatre, Park City
Wed. January 23, Midnight, Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City
Thu. January 24, 6:30pm, Redstone Cinemas, Kimball Junction
Fri. January 25, 10:30pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas VI, SLC
Sat. January 26, 8:30pm, Library Center Theatre, Park City

Love Comes Lately Spectrum Director(s): Jan Schütte
Screenwriter(s): Jan Schütte
Producers: Martin Hagemann, Kai Künnemann
Germany, 2007, 86 mins, Color
Cast includes: Otto Tausig, Rhea Perlman, Tovah Feldshuh, Barbara Hershey, Elizabeth Peńa
[] A self-pointed bachelor living in New York City, Max Kohn (Otto Tausig) is an accomplished writer whose waking life regularly commingles with his imaginary one. Max's longtime girlfriend, Riesle (Rhea Pearlman), is the perfect rock to which Max anchors himself, but she is absolutely certain in her suspicion that Max is cheating on her.
Love Comes Lately is a film about real and imagined longings, the never-ending dream of love, and the power of fiction. On several occasions, we fall down the rabbit hole of Max's imagination, where he embodies the lives of both a retiree named Simon and a sympathetic gent named Henry. During these sojourns into Max's head and manuscripts, love and murder are just part of the landscape. Max's real life takes an interesting turn when he runs into Rosalie (Barbara Hershey), a former student who always had a crush on him.
In Love Comes Lately, director Jan Schütte masterfully evokes many quirky and wonderfully detailed worlds that seamlessly shift between reality and fantasy. Based on a collection of short stories by Nobel Prize-winning author Isaac Bashevis Singer, Love Comes Lately is a reminder to enjoy the present-in all its variations.
Fri. January 18, 2:30pm, Library Center Theatre, Park City
Sat. January 19, 3:30pm, Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, SLC
Sun. January 20, 9:00pm, Screening Room, Sundance Resort
Mon. January 21, 9:00am, Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Thu. January 24, 8:30pm, Library Center Theatre, Park City

Momma's Man
U.S.A., 2008, 94 mins, Color
Director(s): Azazel Jacobs
Screenwriter(s): Azazel Jacobs
Executive Producers: Paul S. Mezey, Tyler Brodie
Producers: Alex Orlovsky, Hunter Gray
Cinematographer: Tobias Datum
Editor: Darrin Navarro
Composer: Mandy Hoffman
[] Cast: Matt Boren, Flo Jacobs, Ken Jacobs, Dana Varon, Richard Edson, Eleanor Hutchins
There is a trend in the world today of young men not wanting to leave their parents' homes. But what happens when a "boy" who has already left the nest gets this same urge?
Momma's Man begins with Mikey returning to his parents' place in New York after deciding not to get on the plane to go home to his wife and small child in California. Unsure of his own motivations, he makes up excuses about why he is staying. His doting mother is more than happy to enable his procrastination, while his father remains typically distanced from the situation. As the days go on, Mikey grows more and more entrenched in his adolescent sanctuary and comes to a point where he must choose his life now or his life then.
Humorous and poignant, Momma's Man wrestles with universal themes, but its strength lies in its deeply personal details. Writer/director Azazel Jacobs cast his own parents and shot the film in their apartment, where he grew up. Exquisite camerawork captures the nooks and crannies of the unique dwelling, as well as the family's intimate moments. Whether it's art imitating life, or life imitating art, Jacobs has crafted a profoundly humane account of the frailty of the human spirit, and he shows how the defining strength that people get from their families can also be a tether.
Fri. January 18, 11:30am, Library Center Theatre, Park City
Sat. January 19, 11:30am, Library Center Theatre, Park City
Sat. January 19, 9:00pm, Screening Room, Sundance Resort
Sun. January 20, 7:30pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas VI, SLC
Wed. January 23, 6:30pm, Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City

World Documentary
Jordan, 2007, 78 mins, Color
Director(s): Mahmoud al Massad
[] What makes a terrorist? In Zarqa, Jordan's second-largest city with close to one million people, it is a much-debated question. Zarqa's political Islamists are a powerful force in this industrial center, and it is the birthplace of Abu Musa al Zarqawi, the brutal leader of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, who was killed by American forces in 2005. Many in town knew al Zarqawi, many in his family remain, and Zarqa continues to be a source of new recruits to the jihadist cause.
Inspired by his reporting on al Zarqawi and Al Qaeda for international news agencies, Jordanian/Palestinian filmmaker Mahmoud al Massad returns to Zarqa, where he grew up, to make Recycle. With ravishing cinematography that belies the unforgiving landscape, Massad charts the daily life of a religious Islamic man trying to survive in one of Zarqa's poorest neighborhoods.
The film slowly unravels some of the hidden agents of terrorism, revealing them as poverty, humiliation, lack of opportunity, and religious doctrine. Against the backdrop of an age of jihad that spans the globe, these same things define the daily rhythms of a man and his family. Unlike the daily bombardment of dramatic "good and evil" headlines about Islam and the war on terror, Recycle suggests that the potential for evil can emerge quietly in the most ordinary of circumstances
Sat. January 19, Noon, Broadway Centre Cinemas IV, SLC
Wed. January 23, 4:00pm, Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City
Thu. January 24, 11:30am, Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City
Thu. January 24, 6:00pm, Screening Room, Sundance Resort
Fri. January 25, Midnight, Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City

Women of Brukman
World Documentary
Canada, 2007, 90 mins, Color
Director(s): Isaac Isitan
Producers: Carole Poliquin, Isaac Isitan
Between 2001 and 2003, Argentina saw a new kind of revolution. After a national economic meltdown, with almost 60 percent of the population living in poverty and unemployment rising, factory owners literally walked away from debt-ridden plants. The fabrica ocupada phenomenon, where workers started running abandoned factories where they had previously been employed, began at this time.
The Women of Brukman is an inspiring vérité chronicle of the struggles faced by a group of women who manage to restart a men's suit factory after the owners disappeared overnight--leaving everything except money to pay the bills and the wages due their workers. The factory owed the workers sevreal days of back pay. They refused to work unless the three weeks in back wages were paid. Jacobo Brukman told the women to run the factory themselves if they thought they could do a better job. The Brukman factory has since become an international symbol for workers, standing as an inspiring solution to daunting economic challenges.
Turkish/Canadian filmmaker and journalist Isaac Isitan followed the story for years, capturing the personalities of the women, the detail of factory life, and the scale of the struggle. At one point, in an attempt to stop the workers, the police declare the factory closed and seal off the block. A protest grows, drawing supporters from all over Argentina. And when 50 of the women push their way through a barricade to go to work, tear gas and plastic bullets fly. A long legal battle follows, as the women of Brukman fight to safeguard their own jobs and gain the dignity of having more control over their lives.
Tue. January 22, 7:00pm, Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City
Wed. January 23, 9:00pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas IV, SLC
Thu. January 24, 11:45pm, Holiday Village Cinema III, Park City
Sat. January 26, 11:30am, Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City

Adventures of Power
U.S.A., 2008, 96 mins, color
Directed by: ARI GOLD
[] If you've ever heard the classic Rush song "Tom Sawyer," you may have found yourself flailing your arms in a rhythmic motion known as "air drumming." Neil Peart, Rush's legendary drummer, casts a wicked spell, but if you've managed to avoid it, or think air drumming isn't cool, I give you--Power. Adventures of Power tells the comedic tale of a New Mexico mine worker named Power, who sets out to change the world through his love of drums. But he has never learned how to play. Instead, he air-drums at his aunt's bar on talent night. After participating in an underground "drum off" in Mexico, he is spotted by a trainer from New York and asked to train with the team. As his fellow mine workers fight for their rights back home, Power finds himself in the air-drum fight of his life against a formidable and despicable rival. Summoning strength from inner desire, Power learns what's been driving him his whole life: he doesn't need drums. He is drums.
Sun. January 20, Midnight, Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Mon. January 21, 2:30pm, Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City
Thu. January 24, 9:00pm, Tower Theatre, SLC
Sat. January 26, 11:45pm, Holiday Village Cinema III, Park City

American Soldier
Directed by Edet Belzberg
Producer: Alan Oxman
Associate Producer: Lauren Rosenfeld
U.S.A., 2007, 86 mins, Color
[] Five years into the war in Iraq, with no mandatory draft to fill its depleting ranks, the United States Army is more dependent than ever on persuasive recruiters to lure young would-be soldiers to the front lines. Enter Sergeant First Class Clay Usie--one of the most successful Army recruiters in America today. Filmmaker Edet Belzberg travels to Usie's hometown of Houma, Louisiana, to track his day-to-day life over a nine-month period. What emerges is a double-edged portrait of a man entirely dedicated to his mission. Usie succeeds because he believes in what he is doing, he genuinely cares about the young people in his charge, and he is a hell of a salesman.
Belzberg focuses on four of Usie's new recruits. To these high-schoolers, Sergeant Usie is a true role model. He becomes their personal trainer, motivator, shrink, and surrogate father. After graduation, the recruits head off to basic training, where they transition to soldiers, awaiting deployment to Iraq. A new squad of innocents face their mortality.
Fri. January 18, 2:30pm, Prospector Square Theatre, Park City
Sat. January 19, 10:00am, Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City
Sun. January 20, 6:45pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas V, SLC
Wed. January 23, 3:15pm, Holiday Village Cinema III, Park City
Fri. January 25, 11:30am, Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City

American Teen
U.S.A., 2007, 95 mins, Color
Director(s): Nanette Burstein
American Teen intimately follows the lives of four teenagers in one small town in Indiana through their senior year of high school. Using cinema vérité footage, interviews, and animation, it presents a candid portrait of being 17 and all that goes with it. We see the insecurities, the cliques, the jealousies, the first loves and heartbreaks, the experimentation with sex and alcohol, the parental pressures, and the struggle to make profound decisions about the future.
Sat. January 19, 2:30pm, Library Center Theatre, Park City
Sun. January 20, 9:15pm, Holiday Village Cinema III, Park City
Mon. January 21, 9:00pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas IV, SLC
Wed. January 23, 8:30am, Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City
Thu. January 24, Noon, Screening Room, Sundance Resort
Fri. January 25, 1:00pm, Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City

Be Like Others
World Documentary
Canada/United Kingdom/U.S.A./Iran, 2008, 74 mins, Color
Director(s): Tanaz Eshaghian / Executive Producer: Christoph Jorg
[] Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has notoriously proclaimed that there are no homosexuals in Iran.... I think this film sort of makes that anti-Zionist President look like an idiotic despot
In Iran, according to Islamic law, homosexuality is punishable by death. Ironically, sex-change operations are not only legal; they are embraced by a society that accepts male or female but nothing in between. Iran's gender-reassignment industry is in a veritable boom. Attracted to members of the same sex, yet forced to deny their true selves, a young generation of men and women adopt the only identity legally allowed for them--transsexual. Socially conditioned and shamed into denying their sexuality, queer youths resort, seemingly willingly, to a most drastic measure: gender-reassignment surgery. Every day in the Tehran medical office of Dr. Bahram Mir-Jalali, the country's most prominent sex-change surgeon, the waiting room is filled with new candidates for gender reassignment. The doctor, a hero to his patients, performs more sex-change operations in a year than the entire country of France does in 10 years. Filmmaker Tanaz Eshaghian has crafted an intimate, yet alarming, exploration of the grip of Iranian theocracy and the power of internalized shame. Seen through the lens of those living on the fringes, Be Like Others is a provocative testament to the lengths some people will go to conform. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has notoriously proclaimed that there are no homosexuals in Iran. Oddly enough, he's right. Now we know why.
Sat. January 19, 6:30pm, Redstone Cinemas, Kimball Junction
Mon. January 21, 7:00pm, Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City
Wed. January 23, 11:30am, Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City
Thu. January 24, 8:30am, Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City
Sat. January 26, 1:30pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas VI, SLC

Birds of America
Director(s): Craig Lucas
Screenwriter(s): Elyse Friedman
Executive Producers: Ed Hart, Bruce Lunsford, Scott Hanson, John Allen
Producers: Daniela Taplin Lundberg, Jana Edelbaum, Celine Rattray, Galt Niederhoffer Coproducers: Hollise Gersh, Ed Gersh
Cinematographer: Yaron Orbach
Editor: Eric Kissack
Production Designer: John Nyomarkay
U.S.A., 2007, 89 mins, Color
[] In "normal" middle-class suburban families, kids grow up, move out, and visit only on special occasions. But Morrie Tanager never got to leave. His parents died and left him, and he became the parent, raising two siblings, Ida and Jay, in the home he now shares with his wife, Betty. So it's not surprising this family is a bit askew. Ida is a promiscuous, broke, itinerant artist; Jay, an odd duck prone to antisocial experiments; and Morrie, a chronically constipated pleaser, who hasn't had a bowel movement in ages. When Jay goes completely off the deep end and Ida drops in unannounced, the motley clan is thrust under one roof, and childhood dynamics reemerge. The big problem is that Ida and Jay's recklessness could upend a delicate social ritual Morrie and Betty are masterminding to secure his tenure.
Birds of America is about socialization and growing up when there are no grown-ups. For Jay it means living within social boundaries and telling an occasional lie; for Ida it's accountability for her actions, whereas Morrie must learn to loosen codes, assert the naked truth, and release responsibility to others. What's so satisfying and moving in Craig Lucas's eccentric, yet lyrical, comedy-besides the stellar cast- is the way the siblings' transformations adjust the geometry of interdependence, and that genuine tenderness is the familial glue that ultimately bolsters each in the world.
Thu. January 24, 5:30pm, Prospector Square Theatre, Park City
Fri. January 25, 11:30am, Library Center Theatre, Park City
Sat. January 26, 6:00pm, Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Sun. January 27, 6:30pm, Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, SLC

kids + money
Short Film
U.S.A., 2007, 32 mins, Color
Director(s): Lauren Greenfield
Our favorite bar mitzvah photographer has made a film
Money talks. Los Angeles teens discuss money: getting it, spending it, and learning to live without it.
Fri. January 18, 8:30am, Prospector Square Theatre, Park City
Fri. January 18, 10:30pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas VI, SLC
Sat. January 19, 12:15pm, Holiday Village Cinema III, Park City
Mon. January 21, 5:30pm, Prospector Square Theatre, Park City
Sat. January 26, 5:30pm, Library Center Theatre, Park City

Director(s): Seth Kramer, Daniel Miller, Jeremy Newberger
Screenwriter(s): Daniel Miller
U.S.A., 2007, 70 mins, Color
[] Like modern-day explorers, the two academics featured in The Linguists travel to forgotten places around the globe to unearth rare treasures-in this case, endangered languages. On a shoestring budget, professors David Harrison and Gregory Anderson navigate difficult terrain, searching for speakers of these forgotten and mostly hidden languages. While more than 7,000 different languages are currently spoken around the world, many are rapidly disappearing. Language diversity is shrinking as colonialism and economic unrest destroy traditional tribal tongues. When young people abandon their ancestral language, the passive suppression of their culture begins, and soon those languages will cease to exist.
Joining a traditional ceremony in a remote village in India,
observing a Kallawaya healing ritual in Bolivia,
and completing an arduous journey into Siberia
is all part and parcel of heeding the urgent call.
The word connoisseurs are well suited for the monumental task of researching and documenting native tongues; they speak 25 languages between them. These humble ethnographers are in a race against time to preserve the increasingly rare words, which are intricately linked to the vanishing traditions and heritage of Indigenous populations. Well-paced and laced with humor, The Linguists serves as an insightful, contemporary adventure film with a strong emphasis on cultural history
Fri. January 18, Noon, Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Sat. January 19, 12:45pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas V, SLC
Sat. January 19, 11:30pm, Prospector Square Theatre, Park City
Wed. January 23, 8:30pm, Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City

My Biodegradable Heart
Short Film
U.S.A., 2007, 4 mins, Color
Director(s): Dana Adam Shapiro
Screenwriter(s): Dana Adam Shapiro
Executive Producers: Austin Stark, Benji Kohn, Bingo Gubelmann
Producer: Jeffrey V. Mandel
Associate Producer: Tamar Simon
Animator: Manolo M.
A story about puppy love and how long it would take said puppy to decompose.
Sun. January 20, 8:30pm, Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City
Mon. January 21, 12:15pm, Holiday Village Cinema III, Park City
Tue. January 22, 9:45pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas V, SLC
Thu. January 24, 2:30pm, Library Center Theatre, Park City
Fri. January 25, 11:30pm, Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City

my olympic summer
Short Film
U.S.A., 2007, 12 mins, Color and Black and White
Director(s): Daniel Robin
Against the backdrop of the hostage crisis at the 1972 Munich Olympic games, the filmmaker looks at home video footage of his parents when they were young in hopes of understanding how they kept the magic.
Mon. January 21, 2:45pm, Library Center Theatre, Park City
Tue. January 22, 5:30pm, Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City
Wed. January 23, Noon, Screening Room, Sundance Resort
Thu. January 24, 9:30pm, Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City
Fri. January 25, 9:15am, Holiday Village Cinema III, Park City

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