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SchmoozeDance 2007
January 19, 2007, Temple Har Shalom
1922 Prospector Avenue, Prospector Square
Park City, Utah


SchmoozeDance Film Festival 2007

SchmoozeDance 2007 will be held in Park City Utah, January 19, 2007. The festival showcases new independent American and international Jewish-subject cinema. We are committed to giving exposure to new, established, and student filmmakers (who weren't selected for other Park City festivals) during the week when many distributors and producers visit Park City for other festivals and events. Industry professionals and other visitors are invited to attend Schmoozedance.


In the past, the Festival's audience has included Park City and Utah residents, members of the clergy, skiers, film distributors, and other industry professionals in Park City for Sundance and Slamdance. The increasing scope of the Festival increases the diversity of the audience each year.


in association with

will co-sponsor and screen Jewish films and films of Jewish interest as part of SchmoozeDance 2007, on Friday, January 19, 2007, beginning at 6:30 PM.

SchmoozeDance 2007 is held during the same first week as the Sundance, Slamdance, and other dance Film Festivals. It is NOT affiliated, nor is it competition with these festivals. We wish these festivals well, may they grow from strength to greater strength. Please support their sponsors.

FRIDAY, EREV SHABBAT, January 19, 2007
At Temple Har Shalom
[map of temple har shalom] 1922 Prospector Avenue, Prospector Square, Park City UTAH
Between Bonanza Dr and Poison Creek Lane, 1 block behind the Marriott, 1 block from the Grub Steak (see map on the right)
Temple Har Shalom is located in the back of Parking Lot "E"

6:30 PM: Oneg Shabbat, Worship Service
Rosh Chodesh Shevat, Parshat Va'eira (Moses and Aaron and the 10 Plagues),
Followed by a Kiddush of food and beverages
Followed by the following films (as scheduled):

In addition to our shorts program, we will host the director of and some participants in the Slamdance documentary, UNSETTLED. We will also host the director of the Sundance documentary, HOT HOUSE. Since the subjects of his documentary are prisoners, we don't expect them to show up as his entourage. While Atty Weinglass, a narrator of the Sundance opening film, "Chicago 10," was pondering a drop by at Schmoozedance, he has informed us his schedule has changed, and neither he nor Tom Hayden are going to be in Park City.

We are pleased to welcome the Director, Producer, and one of the subjects of the documentary, UNSETTLED. UNSETTLED premieres at Slamdance 2007 on Monday, January 22nd at 7pm. We will chat with the principals of this film, the director, co-producer, and three participants from Israel and see an introductory trailer of the film to whet our appetites for its World Premiere at Slamdance.
UNSETTLED tells part of the story of Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005.

We will watch as three young Israelis are forced from their homes, two soldiers are sent to evict them, and one activist will try to help her country avoid a war.

Can one generation change history?
Israel¹s largest military operation in decades ­ the withdrawal from Gaza ­ is a mission against its own citizens.

For an entire generation the pullout from Gaza will change the meaning ­ and for some the very location ­ of home.

Told in their words and from their perspectives, Unsettled is the story of kids on the front lines of a conflict where the lines are blurred, in a society where the first battle for peace must be fought at home.

UNSETTLED is directed by Adam Hootnick. Adam Hootnick has covered politics and international affairs as a producercat MTV News & Docs, NBC News and MSNBC, covering stories in India, South Africa, Cuba, and Israel, where he lived in 1997-98. Adam is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. Unsettled is Adam¹s first film.

WE ARE ALSO please to welcome Shimon Dotan, director of HOT HOUSE, a documentary that will be shown at Sundance. [hothouse]
At once chilling and humanizing, "Hot House" provides an unprecedented look at how Israeli prisons have become the breeding ground for the next generation of Palestinian leaders as well as the birth place of future terrorist threats. North American Premiere. Sundance writes: Nearly 10,000 Palestinians are incarcerated in Israel today. Most Israelis regard these "security prisoners" as murderers and criminals. To the Palestinians, however, they are freedom fighters, heroes, and martyrs in the making. Granted extraordinary access to the highest-security institutions, renowned filmmaker Shimon Dotan uncovers a startling truth: Israeli prisons have become a breeding ground for the next generation of Palestinian leaders and a hotbed for terrorist plots.

In addition to inviting directors, producers and actors from other Jewish themed, Jewish created, or Israeli films and projects, we will screen the following films:

Directed by: Julia Kots
[naturalized] Writer: Julia Kots
Producer: Frederick Bouchardy and Craig DiFolco
Director of Photography: Jon Rosenbloom
Cast: Jeremy Rishe, Albert Makhtsier,Tatyana Zbirovskaya, Gregory Korostishevsky
8 minutes
A Russian immigrant argues with his overbearing family as he attempts to undergo the ultimate rite of male Jewish identity.

[unchosen ones]
Directed by: Iris Bahr

Written by: Iris Bahr
24 minutes
Featured at the Cannes Short Film Corner. THE UNCHOSEN ONES tells the tale of Samantha Goldberg, who is in on a Hebe Singles Tour (sort of like jDate) and finds herself suddenly abandoned by the group in the Carmel Shuk in Tel Aviv, only hours before the highly anticipated wife-picking ceremony. On a frantic mission to reunite with the group, she encounters a slew of strange, silly and sordid characters--all played with gusto by Director Iris Bahr (Larry David's infamous ski lift companion on "Curb Your Enthusiasm.")
[unchosen ones]
THE UNCHOSEN ONES is Ms. Bahr's directorial debut. She was raised in both the Bronx and Tel Aviv by Spanish-Bulgarian-Israeli parents, one of whom has since remarried a Catholic from Minnesota. A critically acclaimed performer and writer, Ms. Bahr's accomplished work has encompassed theatre, film and television. Her one-woman show "Planet America" about immigrants in NYC ran for over a year and was nominated for Best Solo Performance Award by LA Weekly. In addition, Ms. Bahr has starred on Friends, The Drew Carey Show, King of Queens, The Agency, Dragnet, Strong Medicine, Gaydar, Significant Others, The Rerun Show, Coupling and Star Trek Voyager. Her film credits include Princess Shebrew, Reality School and Exit 8A, which debuted at Sundance 2004. As a stand-up comic, she has performed as a NEW FACE at the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival, at the Boston Comedy Festival and at clubs in NY and LA on a regular basis.
Ms. Bahr served for two years in the Israeli Military. Upon her release at the age of 20, she embarked on a solo journey through Asia and South America that lasted almost a year. She chronicles these experiences in her new book, DORK WHORE. She is a magna cum laude graduate of Brown University.

Directed by Sarah Jane Lapp
USA, 2005, 7 Minutes
Producer: Colette Sandstedt
Editor: Dav Rauch
Screenwriter: Sarah Jane Lapp
Principal Cast: Narrated by Jonathan Milderr
In the first installment, our protagonist-protege Milder, on hiatus from the University of Eulogy, visits the study of a rabbi as part of his independent field research in a hot, urban, Midwestern summer. The synagogue is fairly quiet, but the rabbi, a typically provocative, irascible persona, kidnaps Milder's agenda and introduces his own questions about spiritual gratitude and the reality of mortality. A rabbi candidly shares the unspoken secrets of his trade as a grief-facilitator in this award winning animated film from Seattle filmmaker Sarah Jane Lapp.

SATURDAY, SHABBAT, January 20, 2007
Ski Daze, 9:15 AM, at the PCMR, Park City Mountain Resort.
Havdallah, 3:30 PM, at the PCMR. Havdallah on the slopes. Follow the signs at PayDay lift to the 5-Way Café. The yurt is located on Home Run, PCMR (Park City Mountain Resort).

Our goals are to provide an Oneg Shabbat in Park City during the film festival period each January for congregants, residents, visitors, filmmakers, film industry personnel, film aficionados, members of the press, and everybody else (e.g., a Sundance minyan);
[harshalom] to conform to the religious and social goals of Temple Har Shalom;
and to promote and highlight the recent undistributed works of new filmmakers.

Note: So as not to detract from the hard work by the other more established film festivals in Park City to obtain financing and sponsors, SchmoozeDance accepts NO large sponsorships, except from, Temple Har Shalom, Heeb Magazine, He'brew: The Chosen Beer
and other non-competing enterprises.


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SchmoozeDance is a fan of other film festivals, and we support the official sponsors of those festivals. Jewish Films and Films of Jewish Interest that are being screened at Sundance and Slamdance in January 2005, include:

The 2007 Sundance Film Festival will open with the world premiere of Brett Morgen's "Chicago 10," a new documentary about the 1968 protests around the Democratic covention in Chicago. Morgen's film combines historical footage, interviews, animation and music to tell the story and also explore the subsequent Chicago Conspiracy Trial the following year.

The film explores the build-up and aftermath of the week-long anti-war demonstrations staged during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, during which protestors clashed with the Chicago Police Department and the National Guard. It presents contemporary history through a mix of bold and original animation with extraordinary archival footage that allows the film to move back and forth between the protests on the streets of Chicago and the resulting courtroom chaos. Set to the music of revolution, then and now, Chicago 10 is a story of young Americans speaking out and taking a stand in government policies.

The defendants included David Dellinger, John Froines, Tom Hayden, Jerry Rubin, Lee Weiner, Abbie Hoffman, and Rennie Davis. Bobby Seale was the eighth indicted person, but was separated from the trial.

Chicago 10 is from River Road Entertainment and Participant Productions and was produced by Vanity Fair magazine's Graydon Carter and Morgen. The executive producers are William Pohlad, Laura Bickford, Jeff Skoll, Diane Weyermann, Peter Schlessel and Ricky Strauss.

[chicago 7a] So... what is Jewish about Chicago 10 ? Well, perhaps it is a film of Jewish interest, because Judge Julius Hoffman, Defense Attorneys William Kunstler and Leonard Weinglass, some defendants (including Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin), some un-indicted participants (including Stew Albert), and others were of Jewish heritage. Voiceovers in the film are by actors including include voice overs by Lev Schreiber, Hank Azaria, Mark Ruffalo, Dylan Baker, Nick Nolte, Roy Scheider and Attorney Leonard Weinglass.

At one point in the trial, Abbie Hoffman, in a New England Jewish accent, said to the Honorable Judge Hoffman, "Shanda fur de goyim!"- "You disgrace the Jews for the sake of the gentiles!"

[chicago 7b] Speaking of Jewish aspects of the trial, Pnina Lahav once published an essay titled, "The Chicago Conspiracy Trial as a Jewish Morality Play" as well as "The Chicago Conspiracy Trial and Law's Role in Shaping American Jewish Identity." The former focuses on attorney William Kunstler and the two battling Hoffmans, Judge Julius and Abbie, and explores a common American condition, that of ethnic identification -- "the phenomenon of the hyphenated-American identity and its interaction with law." Lahav weaves a fascinating tale, well told, of three individuals involved in the "Chicago Seven" conspiracy trial at the end of the sixties, "one a staunch Republican, wealthy, conservative; the second, a civil rights activist with a long record as a fighter for racial equality; the third, a philosopher clown, a self-appointed spokesperson for the counterculture and founder of the Yippie movement." For Judge Hoffman, law became a means toward assimilation in the broader elite culture of America; for Bill Kunstler, a means toward employing the special Jewish sense of injustice toward expanded civil rights; for Abbie Hoffman, a means toward exaggerating his outsider status

Some of the films screening at SUNDANCE are:

Director: Dan Klores
An unsettling true story about an obsessive relationship between a married man and a beautiful, single 20-year-old woman, which began in 1957 and continues today. This head-scratching, yet unforgettable, portrait is a true story of two inimitable New Yorkers--Burt Pugach and Linda Riss--that was played out in the headlines of the tabloids but resonates with lessons about love and relationships. At once romantic but very disturbing, Dan Klores's Crazy Love is a multifaceted exploration of the pathology of our emotional lives. The beautiful Liz Taylor-like Linda first met the successful older attorney Burt in the late 1950s when she was 21, and he seemed to be the fulfillment of all her romantic dreams. But, when it became clear that he was not quite what he purported himself to be, the life they might have shared changed forever. Obsession, forgiveness, contrition, and cruelty are all the subject of Klores's exquisitely rich and reflective examination. Nothing could and did keep Burt away from Linda...friends, family, prisons, or publicity. World Premiere.

Director: Amir Bar-Lev
U.S.A., 2006, 81 Minutes, color & b/w
A 4-year-old girl whose paintings are compared to Kandinsky, Pollock and even Picasso, has sold $300,000 dollars worth of paintings. Is she a genius of abstract expressionism, a tiny charlatan or an exploited child whose parents have sold her out for the glare of the media and the lure of the almighty dollar? World Premiere.
Sundance writes: Is four-year-old Marla Olmstead a child prodigy? This bashful little girl from a middle-class family in Binghamton, New York, rocketed from total obscurity to international renown and sold more than $300,000 worth of paintings. Marla was compared to Kandinsky, Pollock, even Picasso. Her work captured the imagination of the world. Art openings, limousines, and television appearances became part of the Olmstead family's normal routine. Then, just as quickly, the media turned the tables. 60 Minutes aired a segment casting doubt on the authenticity of Marla's work, and the Olmsteads' world changed in an instant. Is Marla a genius of abstract expressionism? Or is she a petite pawn in an elaborate hoax, an innocent victim exploited by parents who sold her for the glow of the spotlight and the lure of the almighty dollar? Filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev wisely allows audience members to draw their own conclusions. Deftly interweaving multiple narrative threads, My Kid Could Paint That scrutinizes society's obsession with child prodigies, explores the complex debate over what makes something art, questions the media's creation and subsequent destruction of heroes, and even examines the ethics of documentary storytelling. Bar-Lev's film, a portrait of the artist as a young girl, is itself a fascinating work of art.

Country: Israel
Director: Shimon Dotan
At once chilling and humanizing, "Hot House" provides an unprecedented look at how Israeli prisons have become the breeding ground for the next generation of Palestinian leaders as well as the birth place of future terrorist threats. North American Premiere. Sundance writes: Nearly 10,000 Palestinians are incarcerated in Israel today. Most Israelis regard these "security prisoners" as murderers and criminals. To the Palestinians, however, they are freedom fighters, heroes, and martyrs in the making. Granted extraordinary access to the highest-security institutions, renowned filmmaker Shimon Dotan uncovers a startling truth: Israeli prisons have become a breeding ground for the next generation of Palestinian leaders and a hotbed for terrorist plots. Dotan focuses his camera on everyday prison life. What emerges is a surprising glimpse of the prisoners as informed thinkers who are immersed in the details of the centuries-old conflict through newspapers and television. Dotan interviews inmates who are committed to negotiations as well as others who are shockingly unrepentant about their participation in suicide bombings. The cold-blooded testimony of a female Hamas leader, proudly serving 16 life sentences for blowing up a Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem, is perhaps the most chilling. Israel's prisons have evolved into virtual incubators for Palestinian nationalism, strengthening inmates' ideology and forging a political force that impacts far beyond their walls. Eschewing the simplistic "white hat, black hat" mentality that dominates discussions of terrorism today, Dotan's brilliantly constructed, disturbingly provocative film is both a humanizing force and an alarming wake-up call.
Shimon Dotan was born in Romania, grew up in Israel, and is currently working in Canada, Israel, and the United States. Dotan, a fellow of the New York Institute of the Humanities at NYU, is an award-winning filmmaker with 10 feature films to his credit. His film The Smile of the Lamb received the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival and the award for best director at the Israeli Academy Awards. Dotan has taught filmmaking at NYU, Tel Aviv University, and Concordia University in Montreal.

Adama Meshugaat
Country: Israel
Director and Screenwriter: Dror Shaul
On a kibbutz in southern Israel in the 1970's, Dvir Avni realizes that his mother is mentally ill. In this closed community, bound by rigid rules, Dvir must navigate between the kibbutz motto of equality and the stinging reality that his mother has, in effect, been abandoned by the community. U.S. Premiere.
Sundance writes: While the Israeli kibbutz has been idealized as a paragon of utopian movements, Sweet Mud tells a darker, more nuanced tale of a community ill equipped to cope with individuality and deviations from a rigidly defined norm, and of an adolescent boy stretching to compensate for what the collective cannot provide. Amidst lush fields and the idyllic landscape of a kibbutz in 1974, 12-year-old Dvir is entering his bar mitzvah year--a time for many initiations and trials. Dvir's father is dead, his brother is away in the army, and his mother, Miri, suffers from emotional instability. While the collective handles the practical needs of every family, the intangible moral support one expects from a close-knit cooperative is scarce, and Dvir is left to care for beautiful, fragile Miri. When Miri's kindly boyfriend, Stephan, arrives from Switzerland, it seems that Miri, blissfully in love, may actually recover. But the "kibbutzniks," already resentful of a "noncontributing" guest, cast Stephan out after he tussles with another resident to defend Dvir. The loss shatters Miri--and Dvir must pick up the pieces. Vividly capturing the vagaries of '70s kibbutz life with gorgeous, glowing camerawork, Sweet Mud is the painful coming of age of a child who marshals all his resources to nurture his own parent. The story also becomes a wrenching allegory for the casualties of any society that fails to tend to its members' vulnerabilities.
Despite his youth, writer/director Dror Shaul is considered one of the leading talents in Israeli cinema. His first feature, Sima Vaknin, Witch, was released theatrically in 2003 and has enjoyed great success on DVD. Shaul's second feature, the 1950s comedy Operation Grandma, is one of Israel's most popular cult films. It won the Israeli Film and Television Academy Award for best drama and was a finalist at the Banff World Television Festival. Shaul is one of very few Israeli filmmakers to participate in the Sundance Directors Lab, where Sweet Mud was developed.

Directed Justin Theroux
U.S.A., 2006, 111 Minutes, color
Screenwriter: David Bromberg
Henry Roth is messed up. A New York children's book author who tells kids that Santa doesn't exist, his motto is "Life is nothing but the occasional burst of laughter rising above the interminable wail of grief." After watching an old porn film, he and his illustrator (and best friend) Rudy find inspiration for their next book, Marty the Beaver. It's a smash success, but Rudy becomes ill, and, to save his career, Henry must choose to collaborate with a beautiful, but scattered, young woman or risk collapsing under the weight of his anxieties. Cast : Billy Crudup, Mandy Moore, Tom Wilkinson, Dianne Wiest, Bob Balaban, Martin Freeman. SPECTRUM

Directors: Judith Helfand and Daniel B. Gold
A group of self-appointed global warming messengers are on a high stakes quest to find the iconic image, proper language, and points of leverage to help the public go from embracing the urgency of the problem to creating the political will necessary to move to an alternative energy economy. World Premiere.
Ms. Helfand is familiar to Temple Har Shalom audiences for her previous work on A Healthy Baby Girl, and Blue Vinyl, which had its party at THS.

Director: Daniel Karslake
Grounded by the stories of five conservative Christian families, the film explores how the religious right has used its interpretation of the Bible to support its agenda of stigmatizing the gay community and eroding the separation between church and state. World Premiere.

[hear and now]
Director: Irene Taylor Brodsky
Filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky tells a deeply personal story about her deaf parents, and their radical decision -- after 65 years of silence -- to undergo cochlear implant surgery, a complex procedure that could give them the ability to hear. World Premiere.

Director: Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman
A powerful and haunting depiction of the atrocities suffered by the Chinese at the hands of the invading Japanese army during "The Rape of Nanking", one of the most tragic events of WWII. While more than 200,000 Chinese were murdered and ten of thousands raped, a handful of Westerners performed extraordinary acts of heroism, saving over 250,000 lives in the midst of the horror. World Premiere.

Directed by Jarrett Schaefer
The deranged mind of Mark David Chapman, the murderer of John Lennon

[I just wanted]
Directed by Jay Rosenblatt
What do the religious right and the gay liberation movement have in common? Both were fortified by the efforts of one woman - Anita Bryant. Part document and part poem, "I Just Wanted To Be Somebody" brings us back to the late 1970's and reflects on Bryant's life and the impact she had.

Manda Bala (Send A Bullet)
By Jason Kohn
Follows three people in Brazil: a politician, a plastic surgeon who reconstructs the mutilated ears of kidnap victims, and a wealthy businessman who spends his savings bullet proofing cars. Jason Kohn is a filmmaker from New York. At the age of 23, Kohn left his job working for Errol Morris, sold his car, and moved to Brazil to make Manda Bala (Send a Bullet), his first feature film.

By David Wain
Producer : Jonathan Stern, Morris Levy, Ken Marino, Paul Rudd, David Wain
Ten stories, each inspired by one of the ten commandments, narrated by someone in a moral quandary. The Ten is comprised of 10 blasphemous and hysterical stories that put the insanity back in Christianity. Inspired by each of the Ten Commandments, every story is told in a different style, but the characters and themes overlap. It's all held together by a narrator who has his own moral problems. Finally, everyone is united at the end for a rousing finale that answers the question, "What's it all about?" These hilarious stories feature a careless skydiver who becomes an accidental superstar, a doctor who kills patients as a "goof," two neighbors who compete over who can amass the most CAT-scan machines, and a woman who falls for all the wrong men, including a ventriloquist's dummy.

Director and Screenwriter: Gina Kim
When an American woman and her Asian-American husband discover they are unable to conceive, she begins a clandestine relationship with an attractive stranger in a desperate attempt to save her marriage. World Premiere.

Director and Screenwriter: JJ Lask
Reality, fiction and the notions of storytelling intertwine in this narrative about a young thief and the woman he loves. World Premiere.

Director and Screenwriter: Jeffrey Blitz
A 15-year-old boy from New Jersey with a stuttering problem falls in love with the star of the debate team and finds himself suddenly immersed in the ultra-competitive world of debating. World Premiere.

Director: David Gordon Green
Screenwriter: Stewart O'Nan
A drama that interweaves the life of a teenager with his former baby-sitter, her estranged husband, and their daughter. World Premiere.

Director and Screenwriter: Mitchell Lichtenstein
Still a stranger to her own body, a high school student discovers she has a "physical advantage" when she becomes the object of male violence. World Premiere.

Director: Daniel Gordon
Country: UK
"Crossing the Line" reveals the clandestine life of Joseph Dresnok who, at the height of the Cold War was one of the few Americans who defected to North Korea, one of the least understood countries in the world. North American Premiere.

Country: Norway, Canada
Director: Petr Lom
The daily lives of four children living in an orphanage who are learning the ancient art of tightrope walking becomes a metaphor for the struggle of the Uighur's, China's largest Muslim minority, who are torn between religion and the teachings of communism. North American Premiere.

Country: UK
Director: Nick Broomfield
Screenwriters: Nick Broomfield, Jez Lewis
Based on a true story, "Ghosts" is the tragic account of an illegal Chinese immigrant woman as she struggles relentlessly for a better life in the U.K. North American Premiere.

How is Your Fish Today?
(Jin Tian De Yu Zen Me Yang?)
Country: UK
Director: Xiaolu Guo
Screenwriter: Rao Hui and Xiaolu Guo
Blurring boundaries between reality and fiction, "How is Your Fish Today?" traces a Chinese writer's inner journey through his fictional characters. North American Premiere.

Director: Marco Williams
This story of three U.S. towns which, in the early 20th century, forced their entire African American populations to leave, explores what--if anything--can be done to repair past racial injustice. World Premiere.


(2006, 11 min, AUSTRALIA)
Directed by Ben Phelps
An encounter ends in tragedy when a Lebanese-Australian family is stopped by a group of soldiers at a checkpoint on a deserted outback road.

The Back of Her Head
World Premiere (2007, 20 min., USA)
Directed by Josh Safdie
This is a story about him, who lives above an older Hindi man, who lives above a delinquent British guy, who lives on top of her. It is the back of her head that he is in love with.

World Premiere (2007, 80 min, USA)
Written/Directed by Adam Hootnick
During the Gaza withdrawal of 2005, three young Israelis will be forced from their homes, two soldiers will be sent to evict them, and one activist will try to help her country avoid a war. Can one generation change history?

Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa
World Premiere (2007, 70 min, USA)
Written/Directed by Jeremy Stulberg and Randy Stulberg
In the remote New Mexico desert, disillusioned Gulf War veterans, desperate teenage runaways and survivalists form a post-modern "Wild West" with a vigilante code all its own

Homo Erectus
World Premiere (2007, 95 min., USA)
Directed by Adam Rifkin
Cast: Adam Rifkin, Ali Larter, David Carradine, Gary Busey, Talia Shire, Carol Alt
HOMO ERECTUS, a comedy set in prehistoric times, follows the exploits of the hapless Ishbo, a philosophical caveman who yearns for more out of life than sticks, stones and raw meat.


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