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SchmoozeDance 2004 at Park City
Friday, January 16, 2004, Temple Har Shalom


SchmoozeDance Film Festival 2004
And our Park City Film Diary 2004 in association with Congregation Temple Har Shalom of Park City Utah will co-sponsor and screen Jewish films as part of SchmoozeDance 2004, on Friday, January 16, 2004, beginning at 7:30 PM.

SchmoozeDance 2004 will be held during the same week as the Sundance, Slamdance, and NoDance Film Festivals.

The plans are being finalized. Any additions, corrections, times, and locations will be added to this page.


Our goals are to provide an Oneg Shabbat in Park City during the film festival period each January for congregants, residents, visitors, filmmakers, film industry personnel, film aficionados, members of the press, and everybody else (e.g., a Sundance minyan);
to conform to the religious and social goals of Temple Har Shalom;
and to promote and highlight the recent undistributed works of new filmmakers.

Note: So as not to detract from the hard work by the other more established film festivals in Park City to obtain financing and sponsors, SchmoozeDance accepts NO large sponsorships, except from, Temple Har Shalom, Heeb Magazine, He'brew: The Chosen Beer and other non-competing Jewish enterprises.


[temple har shalom] [heeb logo 1]

[heeb issue 4]

SOME PICTURES FROM Schmoozedance 2004:
Friday, January 16, 2004:

[eating in hallway]
What is a Jewish event without some food?

[narrow halls]
Narrow halls make for intimate connections at the fest

Participants discuss their reactions to the film

The calm before the storm, when the crowd lunges for the He'BREW beer


How many calories in this?

A nice balance/mix between the genders

[south americans]
They came all the way from South America to ski, but when the heard about the fest, they rested on the seventh day to come to the Temple and check out Heeb Magazine and the films

Add caption here hmmmm

Can't think of a caption here

Living time before SchmoozeDance kicks off

Schmoozedance 2004 schedule:

Friday, January 16, 2004:
Shabbat Shemot
Location: Temple Har Shalom, 1922 Prospector Ave, Park City, Utah,
across from Prospector Square, near the Grub Steak House. Service led by the Temple Har Shalom congregation and Rabbi Joshua Aaronson.

7:30 PM - Oneg Shabbat at Temple Har Shalom in Park City

7:55 PM - A Kiddush and reception for congregants, filmmakers, tourists, distributors and everybody else visiting or residing in Park City and Utah

8:15 PM - Let the films begin (approximate times)

See films below:


Prospector Square premiere
2003 / USA / 82 min
The story of a Jewish man's struggle to mature.
Part two in a planned trilogy that started with "Jack the Dog."
[manhood 1] [bobby roth director manhood]

Jack (Nestor Carbonell) is a reformed womanizer, now divorced and living alone with his 14 year old son, Sam. Jack's once glamorous career as a fashion photographer has turned into a "catch as catch can" hodgepodge of photographing weddings, bar mitzvahs and the occasional headshot of a narcissistic young actor. This sacrifice of money and fame was done in order to keep custody his son, Sam, in his divorce settlement. Jack is visited by his sister Jill (Janeane Garafalo), who wants him to look after her 17 year-old delinquent son, Charlie (Nick Roth), while she sorts out her divorce from her never-do-well, putz husband Eli (John Ritter, in his last indie film role). Though the family bond has been virtually non-existent for years, Jack takes the Charlie in, motivated by his strong sense of Jewish family guilt. Trouble begins immediately as Eli comes on the scene with no money and no place to live. Jack succumbs again to his sense of family duty, taking in a man he has always loathed. What ensues are a series of comedic mishaps where Charlie corrupts young Sam, leading him to smoking dope, watching porn, and his first sexual encounter. Simultaneously, Eli wreaks havoc on Jack's life, bringing Bambi the Dominatrix home to play, getting them both punched out in a fight with Eli's irate Jewish boss, and placing Jack in the middle of his attempt to persuade Jill to take him back. Based on the true story of the director's life. In perhaps the finest blend of comedy and drama seen in 2003, director Bobby Roth weaves an impossible tale of comedy, jealousy and truth.
[manhood 3] [manhood 4]
In the words of the SFJFF: "This stylish black comedy peopled by oddball characters - a violent rug salesman, a dominatrix, and the flotsam and jetsam of Los Angeles posing for headshots - asks thorny questions. How do Jewish men rid themselves of the potent mixture of internalized anti-Semitism and patriarchal hegemony? How do Jewish boys develop a positive masculinity that is playful and not hurtful? How do Jewish men show love for their sons? MANHOOD is a brilliant look at the intersection of sex, love, and family, and how they shape a man's life."
Please note: this film contains some violence and sexual situations.

Director: Bobby Roth
Producer: Bobby Roth, Jeffrey White, Jack Baran
Production Company: Jung N Restless Productions
Screenwriter: Bobby Roth
Cinematographer: Steve Burns
Editor: Neil Felder
Music: Christopher Franke

Principal Cast: Nestor Carbonell, John Ritter, Janeane Garfalo, Bonnie Bedelia, Nick Roth, Andrew J. Ferchland, Lauren Tom, Barbara Williams, Barry Newman, Carol Raphaelle Davis, Jack Grapes, Skylar Shaye, Tom Arnold

Contact: Jung N Restless Productions 357 N Fuller Ave., Los Angeles CA 213-705-6130, fax 323-930-0236

THE DIRECTOR: Born in 1950, Bobby Roth studied philosophy and creative writing at Berkley and received his master's in cinema from UCLA in 1975. Author of several screenplays and teleplays, he has directed for television, and created and co-produced The Insdiers. He has a parallel career making independent films, which have won prizes at festivals all around the world. His filmography includes: INDEPENDENCE DAY ('75), THE BOSS' SON ('78), CIRCLE OF POWER ('83), HEARTBREAKERS ('84), BAJA OKLAHOMA ('88), DEAD SOLID PERFECT ('88), KEEPER OF THE CITY ('91), A HOLIDAY ROMANCE ('99) and JACK THE DOG ('01).

Director: Adam Shapiro
8:47 minutes
A hilarious spoof of HBO's smash hit The Sopranos, The Sopranowitzes is a tale of lust, violence, romance and lots of hamantaschen. At home, Sammy Sopranowitz is the typical Jewish-American father...tuning out his wife and absentmindedly forking over money to his whining daughter. But at the office, Sammy is a mafia kingpin...whacking any schmuck who stands in his way. Now in the midst of planning his son's bar mitzvah, Sammy is confronted with a dilemma of epic proportions; a delinquent gambler who owes him money is revealed to be his son's rabbi. Suddenly, Sammy's two worlds collide. Who can he turn to? His therapist? His mother? His uncle? Who are his friends? Who are his enemies? And who the hell ate the last everything bagel? All questions will be answered in this episode of The Sopranowitzes. Tony Ketcham and Debbie Matenopolous star. .

Source: Ask Larry at for the name of the producer, or can be seen on

Khasenjah. The Jamaican Jewish Wedding
Utah premiere
Director: David Stein
Canada / English / 6 minutes

A nice Jewish boy and an equally nice Jamaican girl are about to get married. They have all the love in the world to keep them together, but will their families' fear and mistrust of each other spoil the big day? An allegorical tale of inter-ethnic marriage and cultural collision from David Stein. This spirited performance piece features the original music of Beyond The Pale and the mesmerizing choreography of Kaeja d'Dance`s Allen Kaeja.

Source: David Stein, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: (416) 638-1373
A copy can be previewed on
But the DVD is of much superior quality

Utah premiere
Germany, video, 29 min., German & Hebrew with English subtitles, US Premiere
[berlin beshert]
To date Jewish or not to date Jewish, that is the question. Dahlia is a secular Jew who is not concerned with finding a nice Jewish boy, while her religious lesbian sister Leah wants a kosher girlfriend. The story challenges clichés and stereotypes about Jewish culture and identity from a variety of perspectives as it follows Dahlia and Leah in their search for their beshert (Yiddish for soul mate) in today's Berlin.

Source of Print: Diaspora Media Productions
November Wanderin
Goltzstr. 13A, 10781 Berlin
Mobile: (+49) 160 957 97 324
Fax/Tel.: (+49 30) 978 88 372

Documentary, 49 min., BETA, 2003 - Ruth Diskin films
Written & Directed by: Hedva Galili-Smolinsky
[catch children]
Produced by: Zafrir Kochanovsky - T.T.V. Productions
Sponsored by: The New Foundation for Cinema & Television and Reshet/Israel's 2nd Channel
I was born here, so if they catch me, will I be returned? Asks Ryan, a ten-year-old Filipino boy, after his father is arrested as an illegal worker in Israel. Nato is his cousin and best friend. Nato's father, however, has a legal permit to work in Israel. The children live out their seemingly normal everyday lives, in the shadow of the constant fear of deportation. The games they play are not cowboys or cops and robbers, but police (mishtara) and illegal aliens, who get arrested and deported.
[catch children]
The film focuses on the world of the children of foreign workers. In addition to typical childhood experiences, these children are forced to deal with a complex reality that includes tough questions as to their identity. Here are young children from Asia and Africa, from the Philippines and Ghana, speaking Hebrew and not the native language of their parents. The film follows the children's dreams, their games, their yearnings, in a reality where the future is ever - frightening and unknown.

SOURCE: Ruth Diskin Films in Tel Aviv Israel.
Please visit

North American premiere
Director: Shevi Rosenfeld

Dir.: Shevi Rosenfeld Pro.: Yaron Kaftori Sc.: Shevi Rosenfeld
Israel 2002. Intifada. Nava Rosenfeld, a 59 years old Architect from Tel-Aviv, a grandmother of six and the director's mother, decides, in light of current events and despite the protests of people around her, to stop staring at the news on TV and to volunteer for reserve service at the front line.
With mixed emotions of love, concern and quite a bit of cynicism, the director/daughter follows her mom's new path, her ideology, her fears and the new friends made by a woman, whose desire to take part and make a difference is shuttered by typical male arrogance, somewhere on the front line. Through the description of my mom's attempts to deal with the war, I am revealing a personal story about the generation gap between an indifferent young generation and the concerned generation of their parents; about dry male rationalism, about a woman among men and about after-mid-life crisis... and especially about the relationships between a mother and her daughter, because during this period, in which I am trying to understand what my mother is going through, I am opening my door and my ears, maybe for the first time with such intensity and interest, to my mom's inner world. "My mom the General" is a family drama about a family during the Intifada and the story of a woman in her sixties who grows up. Shevi Rosenfeld graduated from the Film and Television Dept. of Tel Aviv University. New Director
Pho.: Gabi Moati, Assi Oren Ed.: Joel Alexis, Limor Pinchasov Music: Yoav Katzir
Source: Kicero Productions, Tel Aviv 70 min., Hebrew, English subtitles.
Email Director at:

Saturday, January 17, 2004: Shabbat / Havdalah
Sunday, January 18, 2004: No plans
Monday, January 19, 2004: Martin Luther King Day, Jr Day

SchmoozeDance is a fan of other film festivals, and we support the official sponsors of those festivals. Jewish Films and Films of Jewish Interest that are being screened at Sundance and Slamdance in January 2003, include:


"The Garden" (world premiere)
"The Garden" tells the story of male Palestinian teenagers working as prostitutes in downtown Tel Aviv, and follows their stories of rejected immigrant youth struggling for a better future. (Israel)
DIRECTORS: Ruthie Shatz, Adi Barash
Jan 16 11:30 AM; Jan 17 5:30 PM, Jan 18 SLC 3:00 PM; Jan 22 8:30 AM
[garden tel aviv]

"SAVED!" (world premiere)
Brian Dannelly / Sandy Stern, Michael Stipe, Michael Ohoven, William Vince
United Artists picked it up
"Good girl Mary (Jena Malone) can't believe it when she gets pregnant by her newly-gay boyfriend. She also can't believe the actions of her popular, relentlessly devout best friend, Hilary Faye (Mandy Moore), who's looking after her wheelchair-bound brother Roland (Macaulay Culkin), attempting to convert adamantly Jewish Cassandra (Eva Amurri), and trying to snag cute newcomer Patrick (Patrick Fugit), a hip skateboarding missionary. By the time Mary's secret is revealed, Hilary Faye has gone to extremes to get the outsiders expelled from school, with spectacular results, and Mary is forced to decide what's worth believing in the first place. In this dark comedy, a young, talented cast comes together to get Saved.
Jena Malone, Eva Amurri, Macaulay Culkin, Martin Donovan, Chad Faust, Patrick Fugit, Heather Matarazzo, Mandy Moore, Mary-Louise Parker.
Jan 21 9:30 PM; Jan 22 12 Noon, 7 PM 10:00 PM; Jan 23 9:30 PM

The Best Thief in the World" (world premiere)
11-year-old Izzy breaks into apartments to mess with people's minds, and to create an alternate, more controlled world than the one he lives in with his family and friends.
DIRECTOR & WRITER: Jacob Kornbluth
CAST: Mary-Louise Parker, Audra McDonald, Michael Silverman, David Warshofsky, Lois Smith, Margo Martindale
Jan 16 12 Noon; Jan 17 8:30 AM; Jan 18 4 PM; Jan 21 5:30 PM; Jan 23 2:30 PM
[best thief]

"Garden State" (world premiere)
Andrew Largeman returns home for the first time in ten years to attend his mother's funeral; she was clinically depressed. While home, he stops taking his powerful meds, and he is reunited with the world he left behind and meets a girl who will change his life.
CAST: Zach Braff, Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard, Ian Holm, Jean Smart, Rob Liebman, Method Man
Jan 16 3:00 PM; Jan 17 2:30 AM; Jan 18 9:45 pM; Jan 21 8:30 PM; Jan 23 11:30 PM
[garden state]

"November" (world premiere)
Photographer Sophie Jacobs' boyfriend is tragically shot to death in a convenience store, as she waits for him to buy the ice cream. She is wracked with guilt over the death during the robbery. As she struggles to cope, her life splinters, and the line between fantasy and reality becomes alarmingly blurred.
DIRECTOR: Greg Harrison; WRITER: Benjamin Brand
CAST: Courtney Cox, James Le Gros, Michael Ealy, Nora Dunn, Nick Offerman, Anne Archer

A Place of Our Own" (world premiere)
'A Place of Our Own' is a rare inside look at the values and culture of the Black upper middle class as it explores the summer resort community of Oak Bluffs.
DIRECTOR: Stanley Nelson
Jan 17 6 PM; Jan 18 3:30PM; Jan 22 12 Midnight

"Born Into Brothels" (world premiere)
In the underworld of Calcutta's red light district, the children of prostitutes embark on a transformational journey with photographer Zana Briski, who teaches them to document their own lives.
DIRECTOR: Ross Kaufman, Zana Briski
Jan 17 11 AM; Jan 18 9:30 PM; Jan 21 9:30 AM

"Everyday People" (world premiere)
Raskins is a Jewish owned restaurant in Brooklyn with a black clientele. Ira announces that he plans to sell this Brooklyn institution to a corporate developer. Gentrification and unemployment are on the horizon. The multicultural characters in the film make assumptions about each other based on race and class, but they discover what lies beneath the surface.
Jan 18 8:30 PM; Jan 19 11:30 PM; Jan 20 9:00 PM

"Chisholm '72: Spread the Word" (world premiere)
Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm made a bid for the U.S. presidency in 1972. Shunned by the political establishment, her campaign trail adventures were frenzied, fierce and fundamentally right on!
DIRECTOR: Shola Lynch
Jan 18 3:00 PM; Jan 19 6:30 PM; Jan 20 6:00 PM

"The Fight" (world premiere)
The interweaving stories of two heavyweight boxers, one American - Joe Louse, and one German - Max Schmeling, on the eve of World War II, in one of the most famous boxing matches ever held.
DIRECTOR: Barak Goodman
Jan 16 1:00 PM; Jan 17 3:00 PM; Jan 18 6:30 PM; Jan 22 9:30 AM; Jan 23: 12:30 PM [the fight]

"Heir to an Execution" (world premiere)

In 1953, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed by the U.S. government. Fifty years later, their granddaughter reveals startling new discoveries about who the Rosenbergs really were.
DIRECTOR: Ivy Meeropol
Jan 16 6:00 PM; Jan 17 12 MIDNIGHT; Jan 19 12 NOON; Jan 21 3:30 PM; Jan 23 11:00 PM

"I Like Killing Flies" (world premiere)
Shopsin's, an eccentric family-run grocery slash restaurant in New York's Greenwich Village, run by Ken Shopsin and the late Eve Shopsin. This documentary provides a backdrop for philosophical ruminations, community bonding, and exceptional cooking.
(Note from Larry: I was thrown out once for wearing a suit and tie there)
DIRECTOR: Matt Mahurin
Jan 16 3:00 PM; Jan 17 9:30 AM; Jan 18 1 PM; Jan 21 6:30 PM; Jan 23 11:30 AM

"Neverland: The Rise and Fall of the Symbionese Liberation Army" (world premiere)
An unprecedented account of America's most notorious and flamboyant domestic terrorist group and their infamous 1974 kidnapping of newspaper heiress Patty Hearst.
DIRECTOR: Robert Stone

"Persons of Interest" (world premiere)
The U.S. Government's War On Terrorism subjected Muslim Americans to arbitrary arrest, secret detention, and solitary confinement. This film allows the victims to tell their own stories.
DIRECTOR: Alison Maclean, Tobias Perse

The adventures of a blind masseur/swordsman.
DIRECTOR: Takeshi Kitano
CAST: Takeshi Kitano, Tadanobu Asano, Michiyo Ogusu, Yui Natsukawa, Guadalcanal Taka

"15" (U.S. premiere)
A searingly honest look at the trials and tribulations of five disaffected teenagers, perched precariously on the fringe of Singaporean society. (Singapore)
CAST: Shaun Tan, Melvin Chen, Erick, Vynh Soh, Melvin Lee

Nina's Tragedies (North American premiere)
Israel's entry to the 2004 Academy Award Oscar's competition
[ninas tragedies]

Nina's Tragedies is that rare film which achieves a lusciously paradoxical "happy-sad" state, making us laugh and cry at the same time. It is also that rare Israeli film that doesn't push too hard to get us there. Writer/director Savi Gabizon creates a melancholic romp through the range of human emotion and experience that effortlessly transports its eccentric characters from the most mundane to the most profound moments in a single scene, all the while juggling ideas of fate and randomness, gravitas and serendipity. (Israel)
CAST: Ayelet Zourer, Yoram Hatav, Alon Aboutboul, Anat Waxman
Saturday, Jan 17 11:30 AM Holiday Village Cinema II; Sunday, Jan 18 6:00 PM Egyptian Theatre; Tuesday, Jan 20 6:30 PM Trolley Corners Theatre; Sunday, Jan 25 5:30 PM Holiday Village Cinema IV

"Overnight" (world premiere)
Like watching a high speed train wreck, this documentary about the meteoric rise and nuclear fall of filmmaker Troy Duffy, whose first-ever picture deal for "The Boondock Saints" included Miramax chairman Harvey Weinstein buying him the mercurial bar to seal the deal. (Austria)
DIRECTOR: Mark Brian Smith

JUST A CLOWN - directed by Andrew Jarecki
Jan 16 3:00 PM; Jan 17 9:30 AM; Jan 18 1 PM; Jan 21 6:30 PM; Jan 23 11:30 AM

N JUDAH 5:30 - directed by Sam Green



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A Sundance Diary:
Thursday. Jan 15, 2004.

Friday. Jan 16, 2004. 7:00 A.M.

CHECKPOINT (machssomim)
Sorry friends, This will not premiere at Schmoozedance. The producers declined our invitation to Park City. They will premiere else in North America in 2004.

Winner of the prestigious 2003 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) VPRO Joris Ivens competition award, November 2003

Director: Yoav Shamir
(Haya Nastovici, the festival's coordinator for Ms Amit Breuer)

[checkpoint 1]
The West Bank and Gaza Strip have been under Israeli military authority since 1967. Over three million Palestinians live in a nation under Israeli occupation. When they want to move from one village or city to another, to visit relatives or doctors, or to go to work, they have to pass through Israeli checkpoints. After years of terrorist attacks, dozens of these heavily guarded checkpoints have been set up. From 2001 to 2003, director Yoav Shamir has filmed and created an incredibly honest and moving verité record of various occurrences at these checkpoints. This experiential film conveys a saddening series of encounters between the humiliated Palestinians and the heavily armed, often very young soldiers, who sometimes feel uneasy in their commanding roles. But these men are often self-assured, too, apparently taking pleasure in intimidating the Palestinians, having them wait for hours in the burning sun or pouring rain. The tension is palpable when a large group of Palestinian people ignores the order to return and collectively pass the roadblocks. The general impression is one of an endless situation, in which people on both sides are forced into positions that leave little room for human dignity.
Israël, 2003, 78 minutes
Editing: Era Lapid; Photography: Yoav Shamir; Production: Amit Breuer, Elinor Kowarsky, Edna Kowarsky

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