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SchmoozeDance (held during the same week as Sundance)

Schedule 2002

SchmoozeDance 2003 is planning to co-sponsor the Friday Night Oneg Shabbat with the Park City Jewish community and Temple Har Shalom of Park City in January 2002 during the same week as Sundance and Slamdance.


SchmoozeDance 2002

No films... but invites all Jewish attendees, filmmakers, agents, buyers, aficionados, friends, haverim, and others to come and schmooze at Shabbat services at Temple Har Shalom in Park City Utah

The venue is the Oneg Shabbat kiddush on Friday January 18, 2002, Temple Har Shalom, 1922 Prospector Avenue, located behind the Park City Marriott and 2 buildings from the Chamber of Commerce. It is near the Grub Steak place and Prospector Inn. The Oneg is at 7 PM and The kiddush is at about 8 PM on January 18, 2002.

There will be services on Saturday morning at January 19, 2002 also. Rabbi J. Aaronson (HUC) will be leading services. He is flying in from Australia for the week. thanks the leaders and congregation of Congregation Temple Har Shalom for allowing us to co-sponsor the Kiddush

Here are some recommendations for Jewish films at Sundance 2002

by Pete Jones and Project Greenlight (Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Chris Moore) The first project of Project Greenlight (as seen on HBO). Two young boys spend the Summer trying to find the keys to heaven. Over a period of 5 weeks, one Jewish boy and one Catholic boy, ages seven and 8, respectively, talk precociously and try to rebound after a tragedy. Stolen Summer is one of those remarkable films that manage to move and delight, all the while challenging us to ask the big questions. Writer/director Pete Jones beautifully explores difficult issues--family, loss, tolerance, faith--through the prism of two families, one Jewish, one Catholic, during a turbulent summer in a Chicago suburb in the mid-'70s. Eight-year-old Pete O'Malley is on a quest. After a tumultuous year in the second grade, he vows to take the advice of his beleaguered teacher, Sister Leonora Mary, and spend the summer making amends to God. After earnest reflection, Pete decides that the best way to improve his spiritual standing is to successfully convert a Jewish person to Catholicism. He sets up shop outside the local synagogue and becomes friends with Rabbi Jacobsen and his mall son Danny. Initially disapproving of his son's new friendships, Pete's father eventually comes to know the Jacobsen family as well. The two fathers, one struggling with his children growing up in ways he hasn't expected, and the other coming to terms with his child's mortality, begin a delicate, tentative friendship that teaches both the true meaning of understanding. Jones's script, full of humor and poignancy, is matched by powerful, nuanced performances from a stellar cast, including Aidan Quinn, Kevin Pollak, Brian Dennehy, and Bonnie Hunt. Stolen Summer shows us that the innocence and fearlessness of childhood make religious differences an opportunity for compassion and growth, not an insurmountable barrier to meaningful connections.

2. BLUE VINYL (2001)
by Judith Helfand (she did A Healthy Baby Girl). Activist Judith Helfand, who explored the devastating effects of DES on her own body in A Healthy Baby Girl (1997 Sundance Film Festival), is not one to look the other way when a cancerous toxin looms in her own front yard. So when her parents affix blue vinyl siding to their suburban Long Island abode, she gets suspicious. Armed with a big blue slab from the home improvement project, Helfand marches straight to the centers of vinyl production to get the skinny on this seemingly benign plastic, used not only to make cheap, durable siding, but also to create flooring, credit cards, I-V bags, cell phones--you name it. I saw clips from it... it is very Jewish in its reponse to social problems and in the way Judith (the daughter) confronts her father on his choice of siding and whether they should make a statement by removing it. The factories that make the vinyl down South look like looming Auschwitz's... the residents might even say "oh we didnt know what was going on in there...)

3. The Inner Tour (2001) by Ra'anan Alexandrowicz (Israel/Palestine)
The documentary Inner Tour innovatively probes the human side of the crisis, bringing to light with unparalleled grace and sensitivity stories of loss and displacement told from the Palestinian perspective. Together with his Palestinian-Israeli production team, director Ra'anan Alexandrowicz follows a diverse group of Palestinians on a three-day sightseeing tour of Israel, once considered home by many of the passengers.

4. The Kid Stays in the Picture
by Brett Morgan
Adapted for the screen by:: Brett Morgen, based on the novel The Kid Stays in the Picture by Robert Evans. There are three sides to every story: my side, your side, and the truth. -- Robert Evans. Intimate, gripping, revealing, uncensored, and fascinating are only a few of the adjectives big enough to describe this cinematic adaptation of Robert Evans's no-holds-barred autobiography. The Kid Stays in the Picture tracks the rise, fall, and rise again of the giant and legend who was labeled the "bad boy" of Hollywood. The first actor ever to run a motion picture studio, Evans reigned supreme for more than half a decade as studio chief and independent producer at Paramount.

5. The Laramie Project
by Moisés Kaufman
Based on the screenplay by Moisés Kaufman and the members of Tectonic Theater Project, based on their play of the same name. Principal Cast: A 56-member ensemble cast, including Steve Buscemi, Jeremy Davies, Peter Fonda, Janeane Garofalo, Laura Linney, Amy Madigan, Christina Ricci. The brutal attack on Matthew Shepard was the kind of wakeup call a society doesn't get very often. It triggered an avalanche of media, a kind of national deathwatch until Shepard died five days later. The Laramie Project is the response of one man, playwright Moisés Kaufman, and his colleagues at the Tectonic Theater Project, who went to Laramie, Wyoming, and conducted more than 200 interviews with townspeople and officials. The result is this inquiry into hate and the thoughts and feelings of an American community

by Eitan Gorlin (at SLAMdance)
A rabbinical student falls in love with a Russian prostitute during a period of suicide bus bombings in contemporary Jerusalem. Directed by Eitan Gorlin.

SchmoozeDance 2001 is proud to sponsor the SchmoozeDance Film Festival, January 19, 2001. invites all Jewish attendees, filmmakers, agents, buyers, aficionados, friends, haverim, and others to come and schmooze at Shabbat services at Temple Har Shalom in Park City Utah

The venue is the Oneg Shabbat kiddush on Friday January 19, 2001, Temple Har Shalom, 1922 Prospector Avenue, located behind the Park City Marriott and 2 buildings from the Chamber of Commerce. The Oneg is at 7 PM and The kiddush is at about 8 PM on January 19, 2001

For more information, please email Larry Mark at prior to January 18, 2001. thanks Congregation Temple Har Shalom for allowing us to sponsor the Oneg and Kiddush

Here is a heads up on another event also...
The producers of Trembling Before G-d, a film in competition at The Sundance Festival will host a Havdalah on January 20, 2001 7:30 - 9:00 PM at The Old Bus Barn, located at 1167 Woodside Avenue (next to the Park City Library. Kosher dietary laws will be observed. Havdalah will be at 8 PM, a screening of the film will be at 9:30 at the Holiday Village Cinema II. Rabbi Steve Greenberg will lead the Havdalah (He is featured in the film). See for more information

Screening Times for Trembling Before G-d include:
Friday 19th 12.30 Holiday Village Cinema II
Saturday 20th 9.30 PM Holiday Village Cinema II
Monday 22nd 8:30 AM Press Screening, Yarrow
Monday 22nd 4 PM Holiday Village Cinema III
Tuesday 23rd 6 PM Yarrow
Wednesday 24th 7.30 PM Sugarhouse Movies 10, Salt Lake City. Followed by a dialogue at the Kol Ami Synagogue, 2425 Heritage Way, Salt Lake City, 9:15 - 10:30 PM with the director as well as Rabbi Steve Greenberg.
Thursday 25th Noon Yarrow. This screening will be followed by a dialogue in the Mountain View Room 1:30-3 PM on "Old New Queer Faith: A Mormon-Jewish Gay Dialogue at Sundance" featuring Rabbi Steve Greenberg, the world's first openly gay Orthodox rabbi, and Duane Jennings of Salt Lake City will be co-leading the discussion. Rabbi Greenberg is a dynamic religious leader who is finishing a book entitled Wrestling with God and Men - which grapples with The Bible, Jewish tradition and homosexuality. He is a Senior Teaching Fellow at CLAL - The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership and is one of the founders of The Jerusalem Open House, the Holy City's first gay and lesbian institution. Duane is a local and national leader of Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons and its representative at the National Religious Leadership Roundtable

Other Films at Sundance and Slamdance of Interest (that we will be covering) include
(1) Children Underground. By Edet Belzberg. A documentary on kids living on the streets in Bucharest.

(2) The Confusion of Genders. By Ilan Duran Cohen. A French drama.

(3) Divided We Fall. By Jan Hrebejk. A Czech drama set in 1943 and focused on the hiding of a neighbor who just escaped from Thereisenstadt.

(4) Haiku Tunnel. By Jacob and Josh Kornbluth. Life as a Jewish neurotic temp worker.

(5) My First Mister. By Christine Lahti. Not really a Jewish film, but it sounds good. With Albert Brooks in the lead.
(6) Brooklyn Babylon by Marc Levin. Actually at SLAMDANCE not SUNDANCE. A rapper falls for a Jewish woman in Crwon Heights Brooklyn as race riots loom after a car accident.

(7) The Natural History of the Chicken. By Mark Lewis. a documentary about chickens. What is not Jewish about chickens?

(8) Ralph Bunche. An American Odyssey. By William Greaves. Documentary on the famed UN leader, who also negotiated the Armistice between Israel and the Arab States in 1948.

(9) Wet Hot American Summer. By David Wain and Howard Bernstein. Hijinks and comedy at a Maine Summer Camp

(10) Manic by Jordan Melamed. Forget about Girl Interrupted. This is the film about what being instututionalized actually is all about.

(11) The Believer. By Henry Bean and Susan Hoffman. A drama about a young neo Nazi who started out as an observant Jewish student. (Winner of the top award at Sundance)

(12) Me and the Moilsies. At Slamdance. Set in 1959 at a beach, a Hasidic youth discovers a different world.

(13) Pornstar: The story of Ron Jeremy. At NoDance Film Festival.

(14) : The story of two Jewish guys who start


Sundance Film Festival Jan 18-28 2001

Slamdance Film Fest January 2001

NoDance Film Fest January 2001

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SchmoozeDance at Sundance

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Dear Readers... is sponsoring SCHMOOZEdance
During Sundance in January 2002
in Park City, UTAH

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