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Anne Trister

TITLE: Anne Trister
YEAR: 1985
DIR/PROD: Leo Pool / Roger Frappier and Claude Bonin
LANGUAGE: French w/ English ST
TIME: 35 minutes
SOURCE: Telefilm 60 West Gauchetiere St, Montreal Canada 514-283-6363
TEXT: Anne, a young Jewish painter, buries her father, move to Quebec, breaks up with her bf, and moves in with Alix, a child psychologist. Alix dumps her bf also.

The Sky Falls

TITLE: The Sky Falls
YEAR: 2000
DIR/PROD: Andrea Frazzi and Antonio Frazzi
LANGUAGE: Italian with English subtitles
TIME: 95 minutes 35mm
SOURCE: Istituto Luce / Via Tuscolana Rome 00173 / ITALY Tel: 39-06-72-99-21 Fax: 39-06-72-22-493
TEXT: Based on Lorenza Mazzetti's autobiographical novel, The Sky Falls is a touching and poetic family saga set against the stunning backdrop of Tuscany, Italy. In the summer of 1943, two young orphaned girls are taken to Tuscany to stay with their aunt (Isabella Rossellini) and uncle (Jeroen Krabbé). After the initial moments of awkwardness, the girls, Penny (played by award-winning actress Veronica Niccolai) and Baby, find a safe place in the arms and the lives of their new guardians. That is, until the violence of the war, up till that moment just a remote echo, falls on this family with all its cruelty and pointless ferocity. Dutch actor Jeroen Krabbé shines in his role as a German Jewish intellectual, and cousin to Albert Einstein. With measured sensitivity, Isabella Rossellini brings grace and warmth to her role. Winner, Golden Gryphon 2000, Giffoni Film Festival (Best Director, Andrea & Antonio Frazzi) Winner, Bronze Gryphon 2000, Giffoni Film Festival (Best Actress, Veronica Niccolai) Nominated, David di Donatello Awards 2000 (Italy's National Film Awards) (Best Director, Andrea & Antonio Frazzi)

After the Truth (Nichts als die Wahrheit)

TITLE: After the Truth (Nichts als die Wahrheit)
YEAR: 1999
DIR/PROD: Roland Suso Richter
LANGUAGE: German with English subtitles
TIME: 128 minutes 35mm
SOURCE: BetaFilm, an Epsilon Mediagroup Company Robert-Burkle Strasse 2 / Ismaning 85737 GERMANY Tel: 49-89-9956-2707 Fax: 49-89-9956-2703
TEXT: In the chilling drama After the Truth, the film delivers Josef Mengele to present-day Berlin, where he is forced to stand trial for the atrocities which afforded him the title "Auschwitz's Angel of Death." Who better to defend Dr. Mengele (played by Götz George) than the man who has been obsessively writing his biography - Peter Rohm (played by Kai Wiesinger)? Mengele targets Rohm for his defense, and persuades him to take his case by isolating him and bombarding him with mind games, all the while using psychologically twisted rhetoric to ensnare him. The hard, cold Mengele then sits before the Berlin court in a specially constructed glass box, facing the incensed courtroom, while maintaining his callous presence. Winner, Silver Iris 2000, Brussels International Film Festival / Best Actor (Götz George) Nominated, Crystal Star 2000, Brussels International Film Festival / Best European Feature (Roland Suso Richter) Nominated, Best Actor 1999, European Film Awards Götz George Nominated, German Camera Award (Feature Film) 2000, Deutscher Kamerapreis Cinematographer Martin Langer Nominated, Golden Seashell 1999, San Sebastián International Film Festival


TITLE: Disparus
YEAR: 1998
DIR/PROD: Gilles Bourdos
LANGUAGE: French w/ English ST
TIME: 105 minutes 35mm
SOURCE Why Not Productions 102 rue du Poissonniere Paris, 75010 FRANCE Tel: 33-1-5-3200-456 Fax: 33-1-5-320-02-06
TEXT: Passion, art and politics fuel this fascinating Parisian drama that moves back and forth in time as a woman tries to solve the mysterious disappearance of Alfred Katz. Katz--working man, Trotskyite and poet--arrives in Paris in the late 1930's and quickly gets caught up in events far beyond his comprehension and control. As Stalin settles scores inside Russia and assassinates Trotskyites abroad, Katz begins a passionate affair with Mila, Surrealist artist Man Ray's favorite nude model. The stellar cast includes Anouk Grinberg, Xavier Beauvois and Grégoire Colin (The Dreamlife Of Angels) as Alfred Katz. (Film note courtesy of the Boston Jewish Film Festival ( and Washington DC Jewish Film Festival (

Divided We Fall (Musíme si pomáhat)

TITLE: Divided We Fall (Musíme si pomáhat)
YEAR: 2000
DIR/PROD: Jan Hrebejk
COUNTRY: Czech Republic
LANGUAGE: Czech with English ST
TIME: 35mm, 117 minutes
SOURCE: Sony Pictures Classic or
Ceská Televize, TELEXPORT 140 70 Prague 4 Kavoi Hory 140 70 Prague 4 CZECH REPUBLIC Tel: 420-2-6113-7046 Fax: 420-2-6121-1354
TEXT: Truly a screen gem that must not be missed, Divided We Fall is a Czech dark comedy ably directed by Jan Hrebejk (Cozy Dens). In a small Czech village during World War II, a childless couple, Josef and Marie Cizek (played by award-winning actor Boleslav Polívka and Anna Sisková), hides their former neighbor, a young Jewish man who has managed to escape from the death camps but has lost his entire family. Their other neighbor, Horst, now an enthusiastic Nazi collaborator, drops by at odd hours and begins to suspect. The collaborator's German boss, shattered by the death of his young sons in the war, announces that he is moving into the couple's spare room, and to keep him out his wife blurts out she is pregnant and needs it for a nursery. Suddenly, the barren couple needs to somehow become pregnant in a hurry, and you can see where this is going. Divided We Fall is a remarkable mixture of comedic and dramatic elements a la Life Is Beautiful with some of the best production values yet seen in a Czech film. (Film note by Eddie Cockrell)
Note to File: Josef and Maria Zizek = Joseph and Mary, no?
Why is the Nazi collaborator and sex fiend, Horst, or German, not Czech descent
Why is the bad Czech a Communist after the war
The good Czech is neither German nor Communist, and is Christian.
Josef's neighbors hate him for "collaborating" but they would also hate him for harboring a Jew, so he can't win.


TITLE: Geographie
YEAR: 1999
DIR/PROD: Deborah Phillips
COUNTRY: Germany
TIME: 2 minutes
SOURCE: Deborah Phillips Komestrasse 29 Braunschweig, D-38102 GERMANY Tel: 49-5-31-7-60-19 Fax: 49-5-31-744-17
TEXT: A collage of sounds, Jewish imagery and languages, Geographie is a short experimental film that examines the nature of Jewish geography.

It Will End Up In Tears...

TITLE: It Will End Up In Tears...
YEAR: 2000
DIR/PROD: Gonen Glaser
LANGUAGE: Hebrew with English ST
TIME: 50 minutes, video
SOURCE: Gonen Glaser Ha Alou 96 Timrat, 23840 ISRAEL Tel: 972-9-764-7263 Fax: 972-9-950-0298
TEXT: What happens to a warm, supportive and liberal family when the youngest daughter brings her girlfriend to dinner and declares that she is gay? "It Will End Up In Tears..." is a touching story of how the Talapars, a tight-knit Argentinean-Israeli family, copes and comes to terms with their daughter Maria's homosexuality. Director Gonen Glaser's documentary provides an intimate and compassionate portrait of one young woman's coming-out story set amidst the cultural and social upheavals of modern day Israel.

The Lost Lover (L'amante perduto)

TITLE: The Lost Lover (L'amante perduto)
YEAR: 1999
DIR/PROD: Roberto Faenza
TIME: 97 minutes, 35mm
SOURCE: Canal Plus 47, rue Dumont D'Urville Paris, 75116 FRANCE Tel: 33-1-44-43-98-00 Fax: 33-1-47-20-29-58
TEXT: Inspired by Abraham B. Yehoshua's novel, The Lost Lover is a multi-layered dramatic love story about a strained marriage between Adam and his wife Asya. It is a frozen love, punctuated by deep sorrow after the death of the couple's first child. In the background is Dafi, their keen-eyed teenage daughter who finds the love her mother cannot give her in Naim, the young Arab mechanic at her father's garage. Enter Gabriel, a young, vibrant Israeli who has just arrived from Paris. It is at this time that Asya, the seemingly loveless wife and mother, becomes rejuvenated and rediscovers herself and her family.

Man of Ashes

TITLE: Man of Ashes
YEAR: 2000
DIR/PROD: Nouri Bouzid
COUNTRY: Tunisia
SOURCE: John Sinno Arab Film Distribution 2417 10th Avenue East Seattle, WA 98102 Tel: 206-332-0882 Fax: 206-322-4586 Email:
TEXT: Last year, the Haifa International Film Festival paid tribute to Tunisian director Nouri Bouzid. This year we are proud to present his film Man of Ashes. The film tells the story of a young man, Hashemi, and his friends, whose dreams of leaving their small Tunisian town are at odds with the social, religious, and sexual mores of a deeply conservative, static society. The film was criticized for presenting a positive Jewish character-the protagonist's old teacher-and the role was reduced. Still, the Jewish character is a substantial and pivotal one, and affords the viewer a glimpse of a time when Arabs and Jews lived together and enriched each other's lives.


TITLE: Cockfight / Cock Fight
YEAR: 1999
DIR/PROD: Sigalit Liphshitz
LANGUAGE: Hebrew w/ English ST
TIME: 14 minutes
SOURCE: Sam Spiegel Film and TV School Jerusalem 4 Yad Harutzim St. P.O.B. 10836 Jerusalem, 91103 ISRAEL Tel: 972-2-6731-950 Fax: 972-2-6731-949
TEXT: It is a hot summer day. An Israeli Jewish chicken breeder, accompanied by a Roumanian guest worker is driving his livestock to market. He arrives at a Palestinian Authority roadblock. As the famer, Marziano, attempts to get through, he confronts Nabil, the PA Commander in Charge, a former employee of the chicken breeder, Marziano.


YEAR: 1997
DIR/PROD: Michka Saal / Jeannnine Gagne and Rosaline Deville
COUNTRY: Canada / France
LANGUAGE: French w/ English ST
TIME: 100 minutes
SOURCE: contact the Brighton UK Jewish Film Festival
TEXT: Myriam, a 20 something Jewish woman originally from North Africa has been residing in Montreal for a decade. Her romance falls apart, and she meets a Jamaican squatter named Lou. Lou is a young dreamer. At the same time, her father, Dede, comes back into her life after an absence of 20 years. There is a lack of communication between father and daughter.


YEAR: 1999
DIR/PROD: Moshe Churi
COUNTRY: israel
LANGUAGE: Hebrew w/ English ST
TIME: 25 minutes
SOURCE: Maale School of TV Film and Arts, Jerusalem. Ma'ale School of Communications, Film and Television 20 Shivtei Israel St. Jerusalem, 95105 ISRAEL Tel: 972-2-627-7366 Fax: 972-2-627-7331
TEXT: Doda (Aunt) Diya, is a widow. She lives a simple life. She has waited 40 years to return to the Island of Djerba. It is her dream. She arrives in Tunisia and Djerba with hundreds of other Jews for a memorial event in celebration of a righteous woman.

Before Chaos

TITLE: Before Chaos
YEAR: 2000
DIR/PROD: Maya Stark / Gal Yaguri
TIME: 20 minutes
SOURCE: Maya Stark, New York City. Email: maya@ 212-682-1787
TEXT: Written and directed by Maya Stark, a recent graduate of SVA in NYC. Screened at the young Israeli filmmakers in NYC series at On the day of his son's Bar Mitzvah, a psychiatrist is about to have a breakdown. His sons and wife need him to get ready for services, but he is busy in the bathroom on his cell phone, talking with his other love interest, or is it his patient, or is it both. He has a problem with monogamy. When they arrive at Ansche Chesed on Manhattan's Upper West Side, the bar mitzvah boy, his parents, his pushy grandparents, and his father's other love interest (or interests) all come together for quite a unique Bar Mitzvah. Today I am a man, indeed. Stars Andy Shulman, Carol Jacovanif, Dan Lundy, Eli Rotholz, Jacob Green, Emanuelle Ori, Judy Stadt, Tom Palumbo, and David Ronis.


TITLE: Glamour
YEAR: 2000
DIR/PROD: Frigyes Goedroes / Hungarian Television
COUNTRY: Hungary
LANGUAGE: Hungarian w/ English ST
TIME: 100 minutes
SOURCE: contact Jerusalem Film Festival
TEXT: A family saga. Named best film at the Hungarian Film Festival, 2000. Screened at Jerusalem Film Festival, Summer 2000; and Berlin Fest, February 2000. . Very stereotypical in portrayal of Jews. Based on the directors own German-Jewish history, that of his Jewish father, Godros, and German mother, Gerda. Gerda arrives in Budapest to teach German. Imre falls in love with a picture of her. Finding a loophole in the Nuremberg laws, they marry. Imre is sent to a labor camp, and Gerda saves some Jews in her cellar. Imre bribes a guard for a furlough. Note to file: in read life, the director, who is and was raised Catholic, had his aunt killed at Auschwitz and two uncles interned in Mauthausen.


YEAR: 2002
DIR/PROD: Miramax
TEXT: Optioned by Miramax. Miramax Films bought the feature film rights to THE BROTHERS BIELSKI, Peter Duffy's book proposal based on an article he had written for the New York Times. It is a true story of three Jewish brothers in Eastern Europe during World War II who take refuge in a vast forest where they protect other Jews and rob gentiles to survive. Approximately 1,200 Jews lived out the war in the brothers' camp hidden from Nazis.

HaHesder Time of Favor

TITLE: HaHesder - Time of Favor
YEAR: 2000
DIR/PROD: Joseph Cedar / David Mandil and Eyal Shiray
LANGUAGE: Hebrew with English ST
TIME: 100 minutes
SOURCE: Israel distributor is Cinema Factory. Tel: 972 3 691 4279. Email is or in the USA contact Kino International at Jessica Rosner Kino International 333 West 39th Street Suite 503 New York, NY 10018 phone: 212 629 6880; 1 800 562 3330 x28 fax: 212 714 0871 Email:
TEXT: Winner of five 2000 Israeli Academy Awards, including Best Picture of 2000. Joseph Cedar's first full length film, made for about $1 million. A psychological thriller and pat melodrama about the commander of a Hesder army unit (Hesder yeshivas combine Torah study with army service), his dynamic right-wing spiritual leader, Rabbi Meltzer; his love for the rabbi's daughter, Michal; a nationalist plot that is brewing to blow up the Temple Mount in his ranks; and the Shin Bet's caustic distrust of non secular Israelis. Aki Avni plays Menachem, the unit commander. Tinkerbell is the rabbi's daughter. Asi Dayan is excellent as the settler rabbi, Rabbi Meltzer. Amnon Wolf also stars. Although Menachem is a beloved student and commander, the rabbi has not chosen him to be the suitor for his daughter. Instead, the bone will be thrown to Pini, a brilliant student (played mediocre by comedian Edan Alterman). But the rabbi's daughter is not going to allow herself to be some prize to the top student. She is not planning to have the land of Israel redeemed by suffering. And when she scorns Pini, Pini starts planning his own retribution. The film had great potential, but it becomes muddled in the action scenes, and doesn't drive home the point of whether religious Zionist soldiers are viewed as having dual loyalty, and whether Shin Bet agents are right in exerting torture on their own troops.
Notes to file: I kept track of the kippahs during the film. Am I reading too much into the film, but do some of the characters begin to wear the same design as Meltzer as the film proceeds? Take note of what happens to Menachem suring the shabbat dinner with his friends. Why does he refrain from the zemorit? Is this when he changes?
Cedar, 32, was born in the Usa and moved to Israel with his parents as a child (age 5). His father is a past winner of the Israel Prize for his work in molecular biology. Cedar was raised in an Observant household in Beit Vegan/Jerusalem. As an adult he lived on a West Bank settlement for quite some time, before coming to a realization that many of the other settlers were a tad too serious. He now resides in a suburb of TA. It is Cedar's belief that even if your rabbi is a madman, you are still responsible, and should not follow him blindly.

A Trial in Prague

TITLE: A trail In Prague
YEAR: 2000
DIR/PROD: Zuzana Justman
TIME: 83 minutes in 16mm
SOURCE: contact Thejewishmuseum.ORG organizers of the 10th Annual NY Jewish Film Festival
TEXT: In an infamous political show trial in 1952, 14 prominent Czechoslovakian communists, 11 of them Jewish, were put on trial for high treason. They were innocent. But all confessed and were eithe rhung to death or received life sentences of imprisonment. Why did they forfeit their lives for communism? What drove them? How did Judaism play a part in the trails?


YEAR: 2000
DIR/PROD: Pierre Grimblat
LANGUAGE: French with English ST
TIME: 109 minutes in 35mm
SOURCE: contact Thejewishmuseum.ORG organizers of the 10th Annual NY Jewish Film Festival
TEXT: Stars Jeanne Moreau as Lisa. A gripping wartime suspense filled drama. Sam, a young Parisian filmmaker, researches a pre-war Jewish movie actor whose disappearance has never been explained. He forges a relationship with Lisa, who knew the actor intimately in the 1930's before the War. Through her, sam begins to understand his own past in addition to that of the actor.

Gruninger's Fall

TITLE: Gruninger's Fall
YEAR: 1997
DIR/PROD: Richard Dindo
COUNTRY: Switzerland
LANGUAGE: English Subtitles
TIME: 199 minutes in 35mm
SOURCE: contact Thejewishmuseum.ORG organizers of the 10th Annual NY Jewish Film Festival
TEXT: The story of Paul Gruninger, a Swiss police chief, who saved hundreds of Jews during WWII, but was fired and discredited by his bosses. He was placed on trial in 1940 by Swiss authorities. This is filmed in the same courtroom where he stood trial. Some of those he saved, still alive, take the stand in his defense, 50 years later.

Close To Home

TITLE: Close To Home
YEAR: 2000
DIR/PROD: Georg Hartmann and Abby Kirbman
TIME: 75 minutes in 35mm
SOURCE: contact Thejewishmuseum.ORG organizers of the 10th Annual NY Jewish Film Festival, contact Sundance Channel
TEXT: A road trip home movie of a Jewish woman and her German boyfriend as they drive across Germany (they live in Los Angeles). An exploration of their family histories. How deeply was Georg's family involved in the Nazi movement (His grandfather was a Storm Trooper, and several relatives were burned alive in one of the last air raids of the war)? How will Abby's parents, who own a Mercedes, deal with her German buddy? (Abby's grandfather made 55mm shell bombs in Joliet that helped to wipe out Nazis. He survived the ordnance plant explosion that killed 350) What have Germans and Jews faced since WWII?

The Snail Position

TITLE: The Snail Position
YEAR: 2000
DIR/PROD: Michka Saal
COUNTRY: Canada / France
LANGUAGE: French with English ST
TIME: 100 minutes in video
SOURCE: contact Thejewishmuseum.ORG organizers of the 10th Annual NY Jewish Film Festival
TEXT: Myriam, a young Sephardic North African Jewish woman, sets out independently when her relationship ends. But then her father re-enters her life after an absence of two decades. And then there is Lou, a Jamaican squatter.

Inside Out

TITLE: Inside out
YEAR: 1998
DIR/PROD: Neal Sundstrom
COUNTRY: South Africa
TIME: 92 minutes
SOURCE: contact the organizers of the Brighton UK Jewish Film Fest at
TEXT: A film filled with eccentric characters. Hazel Levin, a fast talking Jewish woman, arrives in the small town of Eden. A fish out of water comedy, in which a town is turned upside down and inside out.

The Grey Zone

TITLE: The Grey Zone
YEAR: 2001
DIR/PROD: Tim Blake Nelson / Millenium - Nu Image Films of Israel
TIME: minutes
SOURCE: to be released in late 2001
TEXT: The story of the Sonderkommandos, special squads of Jews who processed the gassed corpses from the Number 1 crematorium at Birkenau death camp. Those who were drafted into this unit (which operated til Fall 1944) would have been shot had they refused. They worked a 14 hour shift, and lived above the crematorium. They received special privileges, and some gained a few more months of life by being the people who would salvage the bodies for clothes, gold fillings, and hair. Based on Primo Levi's essay called The Grey Zone. Prior to writing this script, Tim Blake Nelson, 36, spent 18 months writing a play about his mother's family's escape from Germany shortly before Kristallnacht. He later wrote the play, The Grey Zone, which was directed by Doug Hughes and produced in NYC in 1996. Millenium - Nu Image Films of Israel invested $5 million in the production. Filmed in Sofia Bulgaria, and Giten Bulgaria (where they built two crematorium and hired 800 extras for $10 per day. The 200 women who allowed their heads to be shaved were paid $50). Stars Harvey Keitel (executive producer as well as Muhsfeldt, a Nazi midlevel bureaucrat), Mira Sorvino, Steve Buscemi, and David Arquette (plays Hoffman, a Sonderkommando who finds a young girl alive in the gas chamber).

Terrorists in Retirement

TITLE: Terrorists in Retirement
YEAR: 1985
DIR/PROD: Mosco Boucault
LANGUAGE: French w/ English ST
TIME: 90 minutes
SOURCE: New Yorker Films, 15 west 61st street. Ny, ny 10023 tel/212-247-6110 or
TEXT: Mosco Boucault decided to make a documentary about the so-called Manouchian Group, a unit of armed Communists (Jewish immigrants) who operated in Nazi occupied Paris and France during WWII, and carried out most of the assassinations and bombings of Parisian Nazi targets, such as convoys, nightclubs, hotels, cafes (after Stalin said it was okay to attack the Nazi's). Boucault tracked down the dozen or so survivors from this group, and interviews them for this film. He even gets them to recreate some of their attacks. The film focuses on 7 Jews, five from Poland, and two from Romania, who were members of the 200 strong FTP MOI, Francs Tireurs et Partisans Main d Oeuvre Immigree (Immigrant Workers). The Nazis maligned them as Jews and Armenians in their infamous Red Poster. In the film, we learn that the survivors believed that they were betrayed to the Nazi's by the non-Jewish members of the French Communist Party, who did not offer the Jews the same protection as they did to other members. In the words of Manouchian, the French Communist Party did not like having heroes with names like Mitzflicker, Gronowski, and Rayski. According to the NYT review: As disquieting as its message may be, "Terrorists in Retirement" is not a gripping movie, and it is bogged down by the inevitable and necessary historical minutiae. The scenes of these former partisans re-enacting their deeds are crudely filmed, not very dramatic, and occasionally silly-looking. At the same time, the sight of these unsung heroes with their bitter memories bent over their sewing machines is inescapably poignant. "Terrorists in Retirement" is an uncomfortable reminder that as much as we would like to believe that history is written in stone, it is never really settled. As long as there are survivors to tell their stories, history remains unfinished business. And even then, memories can fail, stories, theories and agendas clash. The most we can hope for is a reasonable approximation of the truth
Notes to file. (1) He began filming in 1982. It was broadcast on French TV only once, in 1985. The French Communist Party protested after the broadcast (since they were part of Mitterand's coalition. A controversy ensued, and charges of censorship poured in. The film helped destroy the Gaulist myth that France stood firm against the nazi occupiers. We now know how the Vichy government was in bed with Hitler, and aided in deporting 76,000 Jews to German death camps.

YEAR: 2000
TIME: minutes

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