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Some Jewish Film Links:

"Jewish film is what happens when it encounters an audience" - Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, April 2001, at the Eye and Thou Conference at NYU.


MAKOR (NYC) Reel Jews Film Series
Around November
Warsaw Jewish Film Festival 2003
The Boston Jewish Film Festival
Jewish Women's Film Fest NYC, Nove,ber 17, 2002, featuring the ELLIE Awards
The Los Angeles Sephardic Jewish Film Festival
Brighton (UK) Jewish Film Festival
Central NJ Jewish Film Festival
Jewish Film Festival of Minneapolis St. Paul
The Northhampton (MA) Film Fest Jewish sidebar
The Los Angeles Jewish Film Fest, Cinema Judaica
The Sydney Jewish Film Festival
Phoenix Jewish Film Festival, 480-451-1788 or 602-971-1234.

Around December
The Washington Jewish Film Festival (Washington DC)
The NYC Sephardic Jewish Film Festival
The Florida Gold Coast Jewish Film Festival
The Palm Beach Florida Jewish Film Festival
The Miami Jewish Film Festival, Dec 7-15, 2002

Around January
The New York Jewish Film Festival
The New York Jewish Film Festival
The Sundance Film Festival
The Tucson AZ Jewish Film Festival
David Posnack JCC Film Fest (Davie Florida)
The Tucson AZ Jewish Film Festival

Around February
The San Diego Jewish Film Festival, February (a agret fest that includes a plethora of Jewish student films
The USC Jewish Filmmakers Forum Jewish Film Screenings at USC in Southern California
The Portland, OR Jewish Film Festival
The San Diego Jewish Film Festival
12th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival (Feb 14-24 2002)... by the way, San Diego will host the Jewish Film Festival producers' convention in February 2003
The Houston TX Jewish Film Festival

Around March/April
Buenos Aires International Festival (, Buenos Aires Independent Film Fest (, The Buenos Aires book fair, among others. Jewish portion of the Buenos Aires International Film Festival, April
Jewish portion of the Buenos Aires Independent
3rd Annual Holocaust Film Series from April 9-13, 2005 in Philadelphia and the Greater Delaware Valley area
The Montreal Jewish Student Film Festival
The Israel Film Festival LA/NYC/FL
The Eilat Film Festival, March 2003
The Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival
The New Jersey Jewish Film Festival
The JEWISH STUDENT Film Festival, Hillel-Montreal
The Maine Jewish Film Festival
The Contra Costa County Jewish Film Festival
The Orange County Jewish Film Festival, California
The Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival at the Gershman Y
The Dallas Jewish Film Festival
The Legacy Film Festival-Women and the Holocaust on Film. At The Museum of Jewish Heritage A Living Memorial to the Holocaust and the NYU Cantor Film Center March 2002

The Seattle Jewish Film Festival, AJC
Utah Jewish Film Festival, 801-585-5201
docaviv - the tel aviv documentary film fest
Brooklyn Jewish Film Festival. Contact Paul Rothman
The NYU/USC Eye and Thou Jewish Autobiography in Film and Video Conference

The Mexico International Jewish Film Festival - Festival de Cine Judio Mexico
Around May/June
The Toronto Jewish Film Festival
The Montreal Jewish Film Festival, Festival du Film Juif de Montreal
The Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, (
The Barcelona Jewish Film Festival, Eric Rosenthal, Director, Festival Internacional de Cine Jueu de Barcelona

Around July/August/September/October
The Rochester Jewish Film Festival (NY)
The New Jersey Jewish Film Festival
The South Bay (CA) Jewish Film Series, October
The Denver Jewish Film Festival, August
The London Jewish Film Fest - June
The London Jewish Film Festival 2
The Jerusalem Film Festival, Summer
Philadelphia Israel Film Festival
The Sao Paulo Jewish Film Festival, (Associacao Brasileira A Hebraica), August (
The Annual Ashkenaz Yiddish Fest in Toronto late Summer

Jack Wolgin Film Festival of Philadelphia, Beth Sholom Congregation, Phila.

The Jewish Video Competition at Judah Magnes
(They use the name, don't confuse us though)

Various Times During The Year

The NYC JCC of the Upper West Side of Manhattan sponsors a frequent film series, check it out

Makor, a division of the 92nd Street Y in NYC, screens Jewish films every week and has a forum of young Jewish filmmakers, check it out

San Jose Jewish Film Festival

Phoenix Jewish Film Festival

Stamford CT JCC Jewish Film Series / Contact:
The Tampa FL Jewish Film Festival
The Tampa Bay FL Jewish Film Festival
The NE Penna. Film Festival
The South Bay (CA) Jewish Film Series, II
Jewish Cinema South - November 2005
(Institute for Southern Jewish Life Jewish Film Series (Jackson, MS))

- Nashville Jewish Film Festival 615-356-1322
- Montgomery Alabama Jewish Film Festival 334-277-5820
- Mobile Alabama Jewish Film Festival 334-343-7197

The Allentown PA Jewish and Israeli Film Series 702 N 22nd St, Allentown PA 18104)
The St Louis Jewish Film Festival
The Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville NY Westchester County (364 Manville Rd 10570)

Denver Jewish Film Festival at the Mizel Center for Arts and Culture
Northern Virginia Jewish Film Festival of the JCC of Northern Virginia
The Hadassah Jewish Film Festival of Florida Atlantic Region
San Diego Jewish Film Festival of San Diego Center for Jewish Culture
Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
Dallas Jewish Film Series (3 Stars Cinema)
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research Film and Discussion Series, NYC

The Netherlands Yiddish Film Fest
Sonoma County California Jewish Film Series
The Tidewater (VA) Jewish Film Festival
Miami Israeli Film Series
North Carolina Jewish Film Festival

Omaha Jewish Film Fest, contact Omaha Jewish Arts Council 334-6403
The Kansas City Jewish Film Fest
The Haifa International Film Festival (142 Hanassi Ave, Haifa, Israel)
The Montpelier Jewish and Israeli Films Festival - write to Montpelier France (500 Boulevard d'Antigone)
The Stockholm Jewish Film Fest, write Box 19001 S-104 32 Stockholm Sweden
Mendocino, CA Jewish Film Festival - January. Try
La Paz Bolivia Jewish Film Fest (
Palm Desert California Jewish Film Festival

Important Links and Resources
The National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis University, (Jewishfilm.ORG)
The National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis University, Excellent rental source
The National Jewish Archive of Broadcasting at The Jewish Museum, NYC, 1109 5th Avenue. Tel 212.423.3200
The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive in Israel

The Jewish films of Willy Lindwer

The Steven Spielberg Jewish Films Archive at Hebrew Univ

THE ISRAEL FILM FUND (They fund filmmakers!)
THE New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and Television (They fund filmmakers! And laos have a catalog of films available for festivals that are of great interest)

THE New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and Television (in English )

Independent ISRAELI Cinema Website

National Foundation for Jewish Culture (they fund jewish films --- hint hint) and host the annual conference of producers of Jewish Film Festivals throughout North America

The Israel Export institute (they export Israeli films, contact Ms Mira Geshel for media products.

The Israel Cable Production Fund. 33 HaChashmal Street Tel Aviv 65117 Tel: 972 3 5664746 (for funds for cable productions)

The Israeli Film and Tv Producers Association. 15 Rashi Street. TA.

Having trouble finding an Israeli film or director?? Contact the Embassy of Israel in Washington DC, visit website of IsraelEmb.ORG or contact the Director of Cultural Affairs at the Embassy, 3514 International Drive NW, Washington DC 20008, Email CulturaL1@israelEmb.ORG Tel 202-364-5676 Tell them we sent you :-)

USA Jewish
Jewish Heritage Video Collection, making videos available all across the USA with a grant from the Charles H. Revson Foundation
Jewish Communication Network's website, which includes a film chat FORUM / OUT OF BIZ
USA Jewish

The Business of Film dot com
Jewish Culture Site on The Mining Company
Israeli Culture Site on The Mining Company
The US Holocaust Memorial Museum's Film Archive in Washington DC
The Israel Film Archive in Jerusalem
The Molly Picon Website (Jewish Women's Archive
The FILM FORUM in NYC - great venue for Jewish films
Hebrew films list

Sam Spiegel School of Film and TV - Jerusalem 4 Yad Haritzim Street POB 10636 Jerusalem 91103 Israel Tel 972 3 6731950

Tel Aviv University School of Film and Television, Ramat Aviv Tel Aviv 69978 Israel Tel 972 3 640 8403 email

Camera Obscura, Israeli Film School, Tel Aviv

Ma'aleh School of Film, Jerusalem (Hammer School of Film)

National Center for Jewish Film email...

Some other Film Fests at which we find films:

Oldenburg Germany Intl Film Fest - September
Figueira de Foz (Portugal) Intl Film Fest - September
Toronto Intl Film Festival - September
Boston Film Festival - September
Fantastisk Film Fest (Sweden) - September
Intl Broadcasting Convention - UK - September
Independent Feature Film Market (NYC) - September
Temecula Valley (Calif) Film Fest - September
Breckenridge (Colorado) Film Fest (USA) - September
Intl Student Animation Fest of Ottawa - September
Aspen (Colorado) Film Fest - September
LUCAS - Intl Childrens and Young Peoples Film Festival - Frankfurt - September
Riminicinema Intl Film Fest (Italy) - September
Netherlands Film Fest - September
Filmfest Hamburg - September
Black Filmworks, Oakland, California
MIPCOM in Cannes - September
New York Film Festival - September / October

Ottawa Intl Animation Fest (2nd largest) - October
Warsaw Film Festival - October
Chicago Intl Childrens Film Fest - October
Chicago Intl Film Festival - October
NYU International Student Film Festival - October
Chicago Intl Childrens Film Fest - October
Chicago Intl Childrens Film Fest - October
Sao Paulo Intl Film Festival - October
Hamptons Intl Film Festival (New York) - October
Hollywood Film Festival - October
Viennale - Vienna Intl Film Fest - October
AFI Los Angeles Intl Film Fest - October
Ft Lauderdale (Florida) Intl Film Fest - October

NY Shorts Film Festival - November
NY Exposition of Short Film and Video - November
Tokyo Intl Film Fest - November
London Ontario Jewish Film Fest - November
Margaret Mead Film & Video Fest (NYC) - November
Mar der Plata IFF (Buenos Aires)- November
Amsterdam Documentary Fest - November

The Sundance Film Festival, January 2000
The Sundance Film Festival, January
The Slam Dance Film Festival, January
The Slumdance Film Festival, January
Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - Georgia - January
The No Dance Film Festival, January
Eric Colley's Indie Club Webpage

Rotterdam Intnl Film Fest - February
Berlin Intl Film Fest - February
Portland Intl Film Fest - February
The American Film Market - LA - February

New Directors - New Films (NYC) - March

USA Film Fest (Dallas Texas) - April
NYC African Film Festival - April
NYC Havana Film Festival - April
Avignon/New York Film Festival - NYC - April

Detroit JCC Jewish Film Festival, Includes a $7500 Prize for the Best Jewish film.- Detroit - April

Cannes - May
CANS Film Festival (not to be confused with CANNES
Seattle Intl Film Festival - May

Human Rights Watch Intl Film Fest - June
The World Wide Short Film Festival in Toronto - June
Sydney Film Fest - June
Outfest - Los Angeles - July
Karlovy-Vary Intl Film Fest (Czech) - July
Locarno (switzerland) Intl Film Fest - August
Telluride - August/September

Notes for film fest planners
Make sure the traffic director is properly insured, prints insured, etc
How long does it take to acquire a film from a distributor
Screening fees
Put on sample survey to get research and mailing list, offer a prize/drawing
Licensing fees for documentaries
Remember the distributors are in BUSINESS to make $$ for the film and their investment in the rights. Calls from small JFF's can be an irritation if they are trying to get theatrical runs, and not single showings for little payments.

Obtaining a film. Reasons distributors will give for not giving a film to you... (a) waiting to get into sundance (b) it was just on tv in your area (c) it played or will play in your area and we don't want to ruin box office (d) we do NOT want our film to be reviewed or have any press since it will ruin later box office results (e) showing it at your festival will cannibalize later results. YOU SHOULD talk up your venue, push how it will create word of mouth, aid in exposure, provide needed press, arrange for interviews for the director etc.

Som filmmakers avoid JFF's so as not to "peg" the film as only a Jewish film.

Why show a new film? Show an older film/video and pair it with an interesting speaker.

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